The writing of this book has been an exciting faith journey for me.  Father spoke to my heart in October of 2009 and gave me clear instructions as to what I was to write about, what the title was to be,  and who to talk to at the completion of the book for further direction.  I was instructed to talk to Wayne Jacobsen when the manuscript was near completion and was pretty astonished because I knew Wayne was a famous author/speaker and never thought I would be talking to him.  Little did I know that when the manuscript was mostly done God would bring Wayne to my front door at an invitation I sent for him to come to our home to share his journey.  Not even believing it would happen, there he was and I, in fear and trembling, asked his advice on publishing my book.  He was more than gracious to offer that information and refer me to his friends.  I followed what he told me to do and here we are.  Thank you Wayne!

 At each step I was to take and at every juncture where I was to proceed the direction was not revealed  until needed.  I thought I would complete it before a year was up but, not understanding the process, my timing and God’s timing was a little different.  It’s been an interesting journey and an exciting one as I took one faith step at a time not having a clue where I would go next.

 I’ve had some wonderful people read and proof the manuscript for me.  I could not have acquired the quality of material shared within its pages without their input and expertise.  Elizabeth Strait was invaluable to me every trace of the way with her computer expertise and the extreme patience and love she exhibited towards me in my lack of knowledge in so many areas.  She taught me so much.  Tracy Reiner put in her valuable time proofreading for mistakes in every chapter.  Many times she would come home after a long day at work and then spend hours on this book long into the night.   Jeanne Demko also offered me very constructive insights and questionings that enabled me to look at the content through her eyes and make necessary changes.  In this printing I also added other editors and friends to help shape the contents of the manuscript with their valued opinions:  Jane Ray, Karen Smith, Dayle Gooch, Sherilyn Larson and Jane Reck have all been a tremendous blessing.  Thanks to you all.   If you find any mistakes left it would be because I was still changing wording right up to the publishing because I couldn’t let the work go.

 I also want to thank my husband Greg for his constant support and for believing in me and my vision for this book. Thank you for listening to my constant evaluations of the process and for your valued input on its contents.  Thank you for being there at the end of the hard journey I share here to start a new journey along with me.  I love you.

 I want to thank also my sweet and loyal friends that stuck with me through all that I share in this book.  You know who you are.  At my loneliest times, when I thought I wouldn’t make it through the tunnel, you remained faithful and steadfast in your belief that I would make it to the other side.   You believed in me.  You were always there for me when everyone else left.  I am so grateful for you and I love you and respect you tremendously.

At the present, Greg and I are experiencing a tremendous trial with our home.  I will start blogging within the next week or so on walking the horrifying journey of having our home stolen from us by Bank of America and how we found that it is entirely possible to find His profound peace and direction in the midst of this world’s deceptive system.

2 thoughts on “Acknowledgments

  1. I noticed your post on Beth’s facebook page. We have also had Mtg problems with B of A and lost our home. I have since learned something that may help you if you are still in home. If you are interested, let me know.

    Sharon Wilcox


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