A Sure Dwelling Place, Part 8, The final outcome!

Well friends, God did it!!!  HE DID IT!!!!  He was faithful in all that He said right up unto the very end.  When we thought all was lost on many occasions throughout this ordeal He always revealed to us that He was the third person standing in the firey trial with us.  Words cannot express our gratitude to all of you who stood with us and prayed fervently and believed with us against all odds.  So many of you I don’t even know.  Wow!!  My prayer is that this journey is a testimony to all of you to never give up and always look to Him for your answers, because when all else fails, there is NOTHING impossible to our God!

February 13, 2012

The day started out with phone calls from Sandee whom we have called our mighty warrior, with much fondness by now.   She confided in me today that the in the pressure of being the “mighty warrior”  she has at times in this journey felt like laying down her sword and shield and giving up.  She laughingly says she is getting rusty and is ready for a rest now.   She has been caught in the cross hairs of the battle throughout this whole ordeal.  But, honestly, if God had not sent her we would not have had a clue what to do.  But remember when I prayed in the midst of the winds for the Lord to please send a warrior……He sent her.  So, Sandee, if you are reading this which I am sure you are, He chose you!!  He planned it 22 years ago when you first met Greg.  He knew it was for such a day as this.  Words could never express the gratitude that flows from our hearts.   Thank God for your obedience and bull-dog perseverance!!

God has not only used Sandee, but others and many we never met as the whole of the drama played out.  And not people we would have guessed that He would have used.  As a matter of fact, most of the people He actually used to make this all happen were people we didn’t even know 6 months ago and some we still don’t know because they wish to remain anonymous.  I keep seeing a giant chess board with God in control of where the pieces are moved to accomplish check mate and God wins!!!

Sandee shared that she was in Santa Barbara having dinner with her friend and sharing our story with her.  A man at a table nearby was eavesdropping and interjected into their conversation that all the parties involved in this deal need to read 1 John on what it really means to walk in His kind of love with our brothers and sisters in Christ.   He asked our names and said he would pray on our behalf for this to work out in God’s perfect timing.  God has His people everywhere and is not limited to our acquaintances.

So, this is what came down.  God raised up a friend in another state who heard about our plight with Bank of America, after they had sold our house. I think they were actually following this blog. We had not called him.  He said he wanted to help.  We gave him Sandee’s number.  Through a long set of negotiations they finally arrived at the agreeable number he could contribute to buying our house back for us.  But it was less than what the new owner wanted.  We needed to raise another $45,000. Two weeks before the deadline an investor came forward with $25,000.  We were then down to $20,000.  Time was running out and not a clue who would be the final one that God would call to do this.  On February 11th we got a call that another call came in from someone who would provide the final amount to complete the transaction.  If this all comes about, in the timely manner that is required, we will rent the house back with a lease to buy it back in two years when it is legal in our state after a foreclosure and auction.  We will buy the house back for less than we owed on it when it went into foreclosure.  Is that not God?

Now it is two days before the time to move and all day the negotiations are going on.  Back and forth…the need for assurances, collateral, and all the necessary things that come about through a home sale in real estate that I don’t have a clue about.  We are still waiting as of now for the final outcome.  We will not be assured until it reaches escrow we are told.

Wish I could say that we are feeling great and have no doubts.  It is still a battle of the mind and spirit….there have been so many times in this journey that we climbed the peaks to only be dashed back down to the ground in disappointment.


Valentine’s Day, 2012:

Happy Valentine’s Day Lord!!  I love you and am already beginning to feel the weight of this house lifting off my shoulders.  It feels like slowly coming out of a cocoon into the bright of day.  This is what hope restored feels like!!  I am sure of it!!  Even though I still don’t have the surety yet that this transaction is complete I can actually feel in my spirit that the battle is over.  Victory is here.  You are an awesome God.  Everything that you have spoken to me in the past months has come to pass.  Amazing!!  You carried me through in Your capable arms.  You want no man to receive the glory but You.  This house is a memorial to You and You alone.  And I already know that your justice will be carried out in the future…..you have proven that the world’s system cannot hold down your children.  When our eyes remain on you I believe you will continue to show us true Kingdom living at it’s best.  It is not the house.  The house is just a symbol of your faithfulness to Your kids.   There are so many mansions out there and the best is yet to come when we come home to live with You.  But this little modest house was chosen by You to show Your glory and I am humbled that You fought on our behalf to prove to the world that you always win. 

A few hours after this prayer,  Sandee shows up at our door.  In her hand she held a stuffed red monkey and a bag of homemade cookies.  The monkey was holding a rolled up piece of paper.  The three of us sat down and she gave us her Valentine’s gift.  The monkey, she said, was in reference to the monkey we have had on our back for a year with the ordeal of this house.  “He is now off your backs,” she said.  “He is here to remind you that it is over.”  We unrolled the paper and it was a hand drawn picture of our house, drawn by Sandee’s daughter.  At the top of the paper was a number in the sign of a rainbow over the house.  Our escrow number!!!

THE HOUSE WAS IN ESCROW!!!!!   It is DONE!!!!   Everything went through!!!! There’s more. We learned that the day before this occurred the first investor had fallen through.  Five minutes after Sandee found this out I got a call from another person that said they knew someone who wanted to invest in our house.  I told him we already had all we needed, but then I called Sandee to tell her.  She very calmly said to have him call her in case we needed a back up.  Unbeknown to me, she was sitting there wondering what to do now that the first investor with the $25,000 fell through.    She called this new person wanting to invest and within the hour she had it all together and with the help of her partner and so many others, they put the deal together and the owner signed the agreement.   So, it all came down to Valentine’s Day being the day she presented the gift of our home back.  THANK YOU GOD!!!

God did it, folks.  Happy Valentine’s day to us!!  Words cannot express our gratitude but you can imagine.  And there is no way anyone can explain this away as not being a complete and total act of God on our behalf.  He said it all along.  He said he had it and that the battle is great.  He said there would be mighty winds blowing.  He said we would see His deliverance and He would get all the glory.  He held me all the way through this.  I truly have never felt closer to my Jesus than I do now.  The pure joy of having survived this trial and testing to only know my Jesus more intimately is beyond description.

The day before we found out, God gave Greg this scripture from Ezekiel 12:28 ….

“Therefore say to them, ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says: None of my words will be delayed any longer; whatever I say will be fulfilled, declares the Sovereign LORD.’ “

Satan is defeated.   Lord, I can truthfully and with true feeling, not just by faith, now say with a surety, that You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing. You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy.

My people will dwell in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places.   Isaiah 32:18

5 thoughts on “A Sure Dwelling Place, Part 8, The final outcome!

  1. I am humbled beyond words and still very emotional. NEVER has any transaction been more important than this one, because as I told Dixie, this was GREG.Every time I ran out of steam, the vision of Greg holding our infant daughter up, dedicating her to our Lord, so many years ago came into view. This was GREG, so failing was never an option but Satan was out there in full force, Every twist and turn left everyone quaking, everyone that is except Dixie. She was amazing, steadfast and firm in her belief that in the end God would prevail and He did. He sent angels, prayers warriors, and I imagine, lots of tissues but at the end of the day and in the 11th hour, it all fell into place. I am in awe at how many people love Greg and Dixie, but that’s no surprise. Both of them are the epitome of a true believer, selfless, compassionate, and always loving. Every phone call with Greg ended with him praying for ME, and it always left me shaking my head in wonder at how very special this man is. I am forever grateful to all of those REAL warriors who made this happen. They are MY angels and I know God will bless them in mighty ways. Yes, they wish their identities to remain secret, but they know who they are and to each of them I say THANK YOU. Thank you for stepping up with such big ;pieces of this puzzle, thank you for your sacrifice, and your love. Thank you for making my job possible because YOU made the difference.


  2. This is my first visit to your blog, but I want you to know that you are in my prayers. It looks like God has really been showing Himself to you, dear friend! I pray you continue to sense His presence in mighty ways. I wish you love and laughter and deepened faith as you walk through the fire of refining.



  3. Dixie—Thanks for sharing your journey of faith and trust. Praise God for deliverance. Clearly God has a very special purpose and place for you in your current home. It has been His place of ministry, discipleship, fellowship, worship and evangelism. We are happy to hear a victory over the big banks takeovers of over inflated mortgage values and reates. Thankful for your outcome!!!! We give the glory to HIS power and sovereignty.

    We chose to surrender our California cottage with the mansion mortgage as we had to relocate for work…a significant financial loss. Truly, I learned a long time ago that this earth is not my home…each house has been temporary for us. Although we long for stability and security we know we have eternity. Keep sharing your faith and His fulfillment for your family and team ministry. Keep on coaching and writing!

    Certified Life Purpose Instructor-Mentor Coach
    Wellness Life Plan Facilitator


  4. Rejoicing for you ! Our God is an awesome God. Thank you for sharing so transparently through the good and bad. Its easy to just say God is a way maker. But now that we’ve seen each step, our faith is renewed all the more. Congratulations on being chosen and answering the call valiantly!


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