Do We Expect the Supernatural When a Loved One Goes Home?

Rays of light burst on the scene of my friend Jane’s backyard in the early morning hour, putting on a spectacular display of glory as they danced through the fog with tiny droplets of multicolored water from the sprinklers spraying out over the grass; just moments before it had been dark and foggy until just in that precise moment of splendor. Jane had just walked out on her patio. It was the one year anniversary of her Mom’s home going and she was missing her so much. She has just asked God how her Mom was doing in Heaven and if she was alright. The picture displayed on this blog is the actual picture of what happened as Jane stood in the backyard missing her mom and talking to God about it. She sensed the supernatural hand of God presenting itself as the scene began to unveil itself and she grabbed her camera and captured the moment. Perhaps He allowed Betty to choose how she wanted to let her precious daughter know she was doing just fine.
My 30 year close friendship with my friend Jane made it possible on many occasions to be with her Mom. I became like her second daughter she said. She was a Mom figure to me and a grandma figure to my kids. In the years I knew her I always loved hearing her talk about the good ol’ days in her nursing career and raising her three children as a young woman. She was sometimes funny and sometimes cantankerous but we all loved her because she made us feel like part of her family.
My husband, Greg, developed a relationship with Betty in the last few years of her life. With a Pastor’s heart he would go visit her and stay a few hours at a time, connecting and making her feel special to have her very own “young man” to talk to and laugh with. She would regale him with stories of her past and he was fascinated with her life and her many secrets of youth. He would eventually get around to talking to Betty about her soul and where she was going when she died. I don’t know what all was talked about on those occasions but Greg was assured that Betty knew Jesus and was confident of where she was going. On one such afternoon they were talking about the joys of stepping out of this old body into our immortal beautiful body and joining our friends and loved ones in Heaven. She was excited and said that she would like him to be there with her when she stepped into eternity. He stated that he would try his best but not knowing the plan of God when it was her time to go, he couldn’t promise. She was satisfied with that.
One year ago, Betty’s call to her eternal home came. She was in the hospital a few days and then went into a coma. The family gathered and kept vigil. Greg went to see her before she went into a coma, but after that he kept his distance so the family could have their space to be with their beloved mom and grandma in her last hours. One afternoon we received a call from Jane’s husband Warren asking if Greg could come to the hospital immediately. It seems that Jane felt at precisely 12:45 p.m. that her mom could not let go and move into eternity without Greg coming. We rushed to the hospital and to Betty’s bedside. The family was gathered around her bed. At 1:23 p.m. Greg walked into the room, and walked straight over to Betty. I stood at the foot of the bed and watched. I could clearly see Betty’s chest rise and fall with each belabored breath. He leaned over and whispered in her ear and said, “Betty, it’s Greg. It is time to go now. I’m here with you and Jesus says to let go and take His hand. It is time.” At that moment Betty took one last breath and let go. Just like that! She walked right into the arms of Jesus. Jane had instinctly known that her Mom was waiting for Greg to come and help her have the courage to let go. You could literally feel the presence of God in that hospital room. I love it when that happens.
The older, wiser, and more experienced we get here on this earth the more aware we become of the fact that it is not our permanent home. We have a home that in no way compares to here. When we get there we will never want to come back. Scripture tells us that it is precious to the Lord when His saints come home. What hope!! What joy!! I believe that sometimes he gives us a glimpse into the unseen world and into his heart as an act of encouragement and peace just like His display in Jane’s backyard yesterday. The important thing is are we eagerly awaiting that time that will eventually come for us all. Are we living in the supernatural with Jesus every day while still on this earth so that when our time comes it will be a mere stepping through the doorway into a place that even our imaginations can’t imagine right now. If we are looking for the supernatural displays God is just diverse enough, just glorious enough, and just fun enough to let us have these glimpses of grace here on earth. Betty is, I am sure, having the time of her “eternal” life!

Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints. Psalms 116:15

6 thoughts on “Do We Expect the Supernatural When a Loved One Goes Home?

  1. Dixie, what a wonderful story and how precious of the Lord to give Jane the wonderful witness of the picture of the angel. I loved it. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Very well said Dixie. I am touched that this was posted exacted 1 year of her burial. I know that closure is secure now and I will continue to move on. One never realized the bond that is between Mother and daughter until that time comes when one leaves this world. I will always miss her, but I know that this last year God has revealed himself to me more and more through her passing. Thank you for all you support and love


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