Do Dead People Still Talk?

Do people that are dead still speak?  As I filed by the coffin of a dead relative he looked at me and kept trying to tell me something.  When I bent over and got close enough to hear him he said that he wasn’t dead yet and to get him out of there.   I was filled with fear and a suffocating feeling overwhelmed me as I was just standing there while they buried him alive.  Everyone else at the funeral seemed to just ignore him.  In my horror, I kept trying to tell the funeral attendant and other family members that he was still alive.  The attendant would only shake his head and laugh and say, “Oh, they all do that.  They can’t accept that they are dead so they keep trying to get us to let them up.  But, they are truly dead.”  Then the dead relative would look at me and shake his head as if it weren’t true.  Panic would overcome me as I watched them put the coffin lid down while the dead person was looking at me with pleading in his eyes.  I would wake covered in perspiration and needing air. I just needed air. 

I had this dream every few days for many months and it was always a different relative who was either in actuality, really dead, or still alive.  It didn’t seem to matter when I woke up, nor was the emphasis on the loss of a loved one but on the fact they were seemingly being buried alive and I couldn’t breathe.

During this time I attended a seminar, conducted by a psychologist, regarding biblical counseling.  The instructor was talking about recurring dreams and wanted to know if there was anyone in the class that had a recurring dream they would be willing to share with the class.   I raised my hand thinking this would be a perfect dream to share to see what the teacher thinks.  I was laughing as I shared the dream. 

The Instructor listened as I recounted what I have just shared with you.  He said, “Dixie, tell me what is happening in your life right now”.  I said, “Well, I am going through a divorce.  My teens and I had to leave our home because we could no longer afford it and live in a small cramped apartment.  I am sharing my room with my 16 year old daughter.  I have lost most of my belongings and my husband and my church family of 20 years.”    By this time I was feeling a panic inside and it wasn’t so funny anymore.   Tears were welling up and I fought for control in the class of students.   I felt like I was going to lose control completely.   The instructor then asked, “How are you feeling inside about all of what you shared.”   It was like a light bulb was coming on in my head.  I said, as I began to hyperventilate, “I feel as if I am suffocating and no one is noticing.  I feel like my life is over.   I can’t breathe and at night I have to have a fan pointed at me all night and loose covers so I can move around.   I feel like, “I AM BEING BURIED ALIVE.”   The dream was about me!  I was the dead person trying desperately to get someone to hear me and validate that I was still alive.  My outlook changed for the better and I seemed to gain new insight and faith that night with the telling of this dream.

After this episode of revelation,  I never had the dream again.  I am a firm believer that at the entrance of light on a matter the darkness has to go.  This is why coaching works so well.  The Holy Spirit reveals to us those hidden parts that we don’t even realize affects our lives and makes the decisions for us.  When we have light shed on those dark, hidden, areas the darkness has no choice but to be gone.  There is emotional healing.

I believe that the Holy Spirit uses dreams sometimes to uncover areas of our lives that need healing like in this incidence with me.   Since that time, many years later, I have found that sometimes when a person shares their dream with me I can instantly see what the meaning of the dream is.   I can interpret dreams!!  When I share what I see with the dreamer they are usually astounded right along with me.

We can never underestimate how God will work in our lives.   He is so diverse and He gifts us with many gifts, callings, and talents; all to be used to further Kingdom living at its best.  Always stay open to His leading and His versatility.

Look for my upcoming book by Amazon, “Climbing Out of the Box”, My Journey out of sexual and spiritual abuse into freedom and healing, to read my whole story.

5 thoughts on “Do Dead People Still Talk?

  1. I believe this too, and I, like you, have a personal story of the Holy Spirit shedding light into the very darkened areas of our soul and life. What really gets me here, though, is your writing style. You grab a reader’s interest right up front, (not just the zippy headline) You keep that reader’s interest all through, and write as if this were an adventure. Everybody loves adventures, and so we love yours…..Susan


  2. Thanks Susan!! I love to write and am finding great healing in it. The more I write the more it seems to expand in me. Would love to hear your story sometime too!! Bless you…..


  3. I like your story, your thinking and your obvious love of Jesus. In addition to being a Christian Coach for Woment, I am also a psychotherapist, making it is easy for me to interpret dreams too. Perhaps you and I should work together sometime. Thanks for sharing.


    • Thank you Donna. It is fun and inspiring meeting others of like mind and giftings…..I am looking around your web site and acquainting with your blogs….so far, good work and I am impressed with our similarities….Thanks for reading!!!


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