Warfare-Part 2….Four Ways to Find God in the Madness

I would be amiss to not be honest with you all and tell you that since I wrote the last blog on warfare I have been attacked on every side imaginable.  And today, as I write, I am on 254865_440342676028286_2145415378_nhold in the power of God, because from all outward appearances I am feeling fear and oppression.  I remind myself that he uses smoke screens to divert our attention onto him, rather than God.   How many can relate?

I will say it again.  We have an enemy.  He is not happy when we are involved in changing lives for the Kingdom of God.   He is hoping we will forget and succumb to him, but we know that “Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.”    Satan roams around like a lion “seeking whom he may devour”…..notice it says “seeking”……..not all of us have our heads in the sand.  We have to be on our guard and walking in the presence of Jesus and not allow ourselves to be distracted by the noise of the enemy, and believe me he will make a lot of noise.

I have realized it is going to take a supernatural life to be able to withstand evil attacks in these coming days.    It is time folks, to determine that whatever else our goals and hopes are for this year we need to be seeking the strengthening of our souls.    Remember, we are a spirit, (the part that is born again with the receiving of Jesus as Lord of our life), we have a soul, which is our mind, will, and emotions, and we live in a body.   The bible talks about the renewing of our soul daily.  Not our spirits.  They are already born again and saved for eternity.  Our SOULS…..our minds!!   They have to be renewed daily to what God says about us and so that we can recognize what the enemy says about us.  This is why the bible teaches us that we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but against principalities and darkness and everything that exalts itself over and against our God.

So, how do I fight my wars?   Yesterday, I went for a walk with Jesus, by the ocean.  It was a glorious day of sunshine and I was totally focusing on Jesus and seeking His strength in the trials I am facing right now.  There is some things that seem impossible in the natural; things happening in my life right now, and I could feel the struggle within my soul of good over evil.  Fear was hovering off to my side just waiting to grab hold of my thought life.  I could feel its insidious force trying to penetrate.  I kept my course.  I started praying every scripture I could think of.  When I ran out of things to say I repeated the name of Jesus over and over.  I looked up and there on the mountainside was this hideous rock formation that resembled the face of a demon with a fish body.   It seemed to be mocking me.  For a moment my environment seemed dark.  I looked through the forest off to my side and it was dark.  And then I looked again and there were all these streams of bright light penetrating the darkness.  Out of my mouth I began to sing, out of Psalms 25,

Unto thee, O Lord, do I lift up my soul

Unto thee, O Lord, do I lift up my soul

O my God, I trust in thee:

Let me not be ashamed,

Let not mine enemies triumph over me.

I sang it over and over until I felt the temptation to fear leave me.  Throughout the rest of the day I continued to hear evil reports but I maintained my thoughts on the possibilities of Jesus and what He so wants to accomplish in my life.

There are so many tools he gives us to fight this good fight of faith and to keep our shields up to ward off the fiery darts that satan aims at us.

  1. Pray the word.  Put your name right in there as you pray.  Or pray the word over your family or others you may be called to pray for until you see God’s intervention.  Faith comes by hearing yourself speak truth!!  An example:  Psalms 91:1&2 Amp:

Lord, I thank you that because I dwell in the secret place of You, oh most high, I shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of You, my Almighty God, whose power NO foe can withstand…………..”

2.     Sing the word of God.  I love singing my prayers.  It slows down my mind.  And many times, in the Spirit, I have heard Him singing back to me in my own voice in answer to my song.  It is really beautiful.

3.        Let the Holy Spirit pray through you.  Just go with it and His leading in however He shows you to pray.

4.        When the heat is turned up and I just can’t seem to pray anything, I just say the name of Jesus over and over.  In Acts it says that there is no other name as powerful as the name of Jesus, and at the mention of that name every knee has to bow in both heaven and earth.   So the way I see it, even if you can’t do anything else when you just say His name He is right there fighting for you.

The real secret to really dwelling in His presence is pretty simple.  Be intimate with Him.  Sit with Him.  Journal to Him.  Have coffee with Him.  Get to know Him.  Let Him speak to you and step out in faith and believe that it is Him.   In that way, you learn to recognize His voice over the voice of satan.   Remember it is His sheep that hear His voice and the voice of a stranger they will not follow.

Stay vigilant my friends!!  We win!!


10 thoughts on “Warfare-Part 2….Four Ways to Find God in the Madness

  1. Excellent article my friend. You are more than a conquerer because of the One who resides within you. I’m holding you up in prayer, please do the same for me (I know you are). He has great things in store for you. And for now, may you (may we all) reside in His Peace. Love you.


  2. There is a Scripture (and I don’t have my “Strong’s” nearby to look it up) that says, “Do not be afraid of bad news…” There is purpose in every season we are allowed to go through…and as we put on our mighty armor, we learn more about how to fight the battle. You are winning Dixie…you are putting out the truth of his Word here on this page for all who come and read.


  3. It is true…we are in the conflict of the ages between Christ & satan. God’s loving character and His faithful are being attacked. The more I seek to serve the more the enemy attacks but by HIS SPIRIT we shall overcome. I am thankful for His grace and truth for each day. Keep sharing and writing Dixie…so good to be co-laborers for Christ in this world! We are united in prayer and His love for victory! I am moving forward in His purpose and will complete my writing projects very soon. Ready for some SONshine in the south! Blessings, Carol


  4. Oh how I know what you mean. The last month or so for me has been a mass of discouragement and anxiety and fear. I too find myself just saying His name, and another bit of scripture that has jumped out at me recently – Psalm 61:2

    From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

    His is the name above all names. We need not be afraid. And I believe that when we cling to Him in our fear He is proud of us indeed.
    Thankyou for this.


  5. These are beautiful weapons of warfare that you have shared Dixie 🙂

    I understand the crippling effects of fear, one thing that I have learnt is to simply say “I trust in Your Love” His love means so much to me now because I’ve tested it through the flames of despair, fear and depression. Another thing I’ve learnt to do is just worship Him, I hear that the enemy can’t stand it when we praise and worship YHVH! 😉


  6. Yes!!! the word says that Praise stills the avenger….the enemy cannot stay in the face of our praise and worship….an excellent tool……He is love, so when we dwell in His love and trust that–another tool!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


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