Little Girl Lost

64658_465671946828692_1306119874_nThe Pine trees danced over my head as they sweetly whispered their songs of praise to the wind.  I was hiking through the beautiful park alone that day enjoying the warmth of the sun and the feeling of doing something really good for myself in diligently keeping up my pace in walking.  Somewhere in my conscious hearing I began to register an angry voice lashing out in the distance behind me.

 “Hurry up, you slow poke.  You are so stupid.  Can’t you ever do anything right?  You are a bad little girl.  You have to walk faster; run if you have to!  C’mon, move it!!  Hurry!!”    This diatribe continued to get louder as I turned and sought out the offending, cruel voice.   

There to my right, not far behind me, was a precious little girl who looked to be around 4 years old.  She was running as fast as her little legs would take her with a look of terror on her sweet cherub face, but it still wasn’t fast enough for her mother who was about 10 yards from her, off to the side.   Rage filled my soul at what I was witnessing but just as quickly I asked Jesus what was I to do.  I knew it was urgent to intervene but was unsure what would be most effective.  Truth be known I had this uncanny urge to scoop her up and run the other way with her in my arms.   What would make a difference and not make the mom’s anger even more caustic?  I knew if I just jumped right in to save the day that I could meet with a wall of hostility, making it harder for the child.

Jesus immediately told me to put a smile on my face, squat down a few feet from the little girl, and let Him speak through me.   Getting down to her level, I began to talk to her in my most delighted voice at my joy to see her.   I told her she was beautiful.  I asked her if she knew that Jesus loved her.   She ran right over to me and stopped a few steps away and just stood there staring at me in wonder with huge unblinking eyes.  Suddenly it was as if I was looking into my own face from all those years ago when I was being sexually abused.   My heart cried out for someone to rescue me from back then.   I instinctively knew that whatever I would say to her, I would be speaking to that little girl inside me. 

I told her she was a wonderful little girl and so precious to Jesus.  She seemed to understand what I was saying as she lit up like an angel.  I knew I was speaking directly into her spirit…and mine as well.   It seemed as if I already knew her and I felt divine love for her as she stood there looking up at me with a hunger to trust.   She was starved for love, kind voices, validation to her existence.   She seemed frozen to the place in which she stood.  

Now, her mama had noticed me right in the middle of a harsh bellow of criticism as she was lashing out to her, I assumed, daughter.  She immediately lowered her voice, put a fake smile on her face and listened to what I was saying.  She began shaking her head in agreement with me as if she wanted me to know she already knew what I was saying to her little girl was truth.   I could see the mask begin to cover her face to hide her out of control anger at this innocent child.  In an instant of time I knew that this mother had been abused as well and was repeating the same pattern with this precious little child.

The encounter didn’t take long.  Maybe less than 5 minutes.   I knew that whatever Jesus did that day in the heart of that little girl, she would never forget that she is loved.  Even in her worst moments in life.  It was a supernatural thing.  I believe she will find Jesus in her life ahead.

My steps were ordered by God that day even though I thought it was just a random walk through the park.  He used that encounter to not only speak into the little girl’s life but into my still broken and unloved places.  Everything we do in this life that reaches out to the unloved and hurting counts for eternity in the lives of others.  Sometimes, you may be the only Jesus that a person will ever encounter in their lives and how important is it that we stay in tune with Him so as to not miss our chance to be his love extended.  We won’t know until we get to heaven what our mere presence brought into their lives.

Is it a smile that’s needed?  How about paying that extra amount in the grocery story for that single desperate Mom struggling to get by?   Or a cup of cold water or a kind word to someone weary in this life?  You never know what a person’s story is behind their sad countenance.  We all have a story.  Only God sees the whole picture.  We just need to be obedient to do what He says to do.   To hear Him we must be in the knowledge of His constant presence to be able to be instant when He speaks. 

One day not too long ago, I had a whole Saturday all to myself with nothing planned to do.  I decided to give the day to Jesus and ask Him what He would have me to do that day.    At first I wished I hadn’t asked because almost instantly I knew He wanted me to visit an elderly shut in whom my husband had been wanting me to visit for a long time.   I had been putting it off because visiting with the elderly is not my strong suit.    But now that I asked I had to do it.    I certainly know I didn’t make it up because if it had been me I would have told myself to go to the beach and relax.

I went into my backyard and picked some roses, wrapped them up, and went to the assisted care home where she was living.   I had known her for years.   I will never forget as I entered her room the light that came into her eyes.  We had a delightful visit and prayed together.  As I said I would pray for her, to which she was delighted, she said that first she was going to pray for me, and then took over and prayed a prayer for me that humbled me to the ground.   I thought I was going to minister to her and she ministered to me.  She told me that she prays every day that this will the day she gets to go home to be with Jesus as she was so excited for that day to come.  She was ready.   I left that day full of joy and thankfulness that I went because if I had not I would have missed it all.  Kathleen has since had her prayer answered and she has stepped into eternity and I look forward to seeing her again one day.  I am so thankful I was listening that day too.

We are here to make a difference in the lives of others.  It doesn’t have to be a hard thing.  A little kindness goes a long way with so many who have none.  You never know that one day as you walk through Heaven that you won’t encounter someone you don’t even recognize.  When they know you, you will ask how they know you.  They will say, “It is because of you that I am here.  You spoke life into me when I wanted to die, and I knew that there must be a God.”  You will say, “But, I only spoke a kind word to you that day.” 

Their answer?   “That one word drove me to my knees to seek God, who I saw in your face, as you were reaching out to me.”


6 thoughts on “Little Girl Lost

  1. Dixie, this is a good reminder. I was amazed that you instinctively knew you had to be careful or you could incur more wrath onto the little girl from her mother (“Now look and see what you caused?!!”). Great work! And you are right…it will last into eternity!


  2. Your story left me breathless. I love how you listened to the Lord and approached the little girl with such an awareness of the angry mom. You likely impacted 2 lives that fateful day. I was that little girl long ago and am forever grateful for those who spoke gentle words of Jesus to me at great risk of rebuke from my dad.


  3. Aw nailed it with this story. The Holy Spirit searches for servants with a willing heart to share His love and so many times this has happened to me. Tears filled my eyes as I read this account and I felt His love for this child. You made a difference. Knowing that God led your steps, I am also assured that this child’s mother was impacted. We are to be ready at all times. I love you.


  4. I know you have had many such encounters, my friend. You have made an impact in my life as I have watched you over the years reach out to perfect strangers to make a difference. When we walk in the spirit this life ceases to be uneventful but an exciting journey. ♥


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