Musings on What I Learned from the Silence


marketing photo1You can imagine my delight and joy when God started talking.   After my last blog on “When God is Silent” you know where I was with the whole waiting on God thing.   It was a test of huge proportions for both Greg and I, in different ways, because we are individuals and on our own journeys separately with God, as well as together.  So, I shall share from my own point of view.

When I wrote the blog there was no work for our business in sight and we had been waiting on God for at least 6 months for things to start moving.   I wondered where God was and why I couldn’t hear Him tell me what the heck was going on.   Yet, He continued to provide for us miraculously.  We never missed a payment or lacked the payment when it was due.   Money came in every day from various sources and in miraculous ways.  He lavished His love on me daily, even when I complained.  He proved Himself time and again in even my smallest desires.

Isn’t it just so human to still be stressed when every day God is providing for everything you need and you still complain as to when He will come through?  We are so oriented to living as finite beings on this earth, even when we know we are not of this world and we are eternal beings.   Even while God is teaching us how to be strong and endure “not knowing” when things will change, and He continues to feed us in every sense of the word, we still wonder why He isn’t changing things according to our estimations.   We want what we want.

And then things begin to change.  I sensed in the spirit that a breakthrough was coming.  I just didn’t know when.  In this case it was the day after I posted that blog on Him being silent.

The very next day our investigation business started getting calls and 3 big jobs came in one day.  The reassurance was provided for us to know that God would bypass the cutbacks in California on our behalf.  Don’t ask me how He does that, He just does.

I was asked to be a guest on Blog Talk radio out of New York, the day after that.  I know many people were set free from listening to my testimony of freedom from childhood abuse.

That night a local Pastor and His wife took me to dinner and the following Sunday I was a speaker at his church.   It was a small congregation but I was received so graciously and was able to reach many with prayer and support.  They were very liberal in giving to me.   I sold many books and got clients in my coaching business as well.  My client list is growing for Life Coaching.

Then there was another interview for me with Blog Talk radio posted, this time out of Washington D.C.  You can listen to it here:

Greg had gone to a Wild at Heart retreat with Ransomed Heart Ministries, which was another miracle of provision for him to be able to go.   He says it changed his life and opened a whole new door of loving Jesus in a new capacity and wholeness.

I guess I am close enough to my readers now just to be honest about my life.   I have learned that Jesus is interested in every tiny detail of my life.  He loves me!!!   Sometimes He just wants me to trust Him and enjoy His provision, even if it is outside the box.  (Interesting that my book is titled, “Climbing Out of the Box”) and you can find it on Amazon here:  dixiebook

I needed a new pair of dress pants and had been unable to find what I wanted.   I had looked all week and was unsuccessful.  I went in one last store, talking to Jesus about my desire to look my best and please help me to find the right ones.   There was one pair on the rack so I went into the dressing room to try them on.

They didn’t fit.

I began to complain to the Lord about it and expressed my dismay that I could not find what I wanted.  I was murmuring, yet, I felt deep down inside that He so understood and wanted me to trust.   Disgusted with myself, I made my way out of the store.   Just before I reached the exit a lone pair of pants hanging on a lone rack caught my eye.  I walked over to them and saw they were exactly what I wanted and my exact size.  I didn’t even try them on.  I grabbed them and went home.  When I did try them on they fit perfectly.  My divine pants.     He cares about every tiny detail.

I know if I were to walk into Jesus’ house my picture would be on his wall over his mantel.   He loves me.  You would see your picture too.  His word tells us our name is written on His Hand, and He even knows how many hairs you have on our heads.

And He is no respecter of persons.   He desires you.  He wants a relationship with you.  I believe sometimes He doesn’t instantaneous deliver us out of our circumstances because He wants us to find Him in the midst of our hardships.  He desires relationship and adverse circumstances bring us to Him.

How much better would our lives be if we would just be as close to Him when all is well, as when we are in a trial?  Food for thought!

2 thoughts on “Musings on What I Learned from the Silence

  1. So encouraging and wonderful to hear so many good things are happening for you and Greg. I know (it’s easy to believe for other’s, huh?) that He has great things in store for both of you. You go, girl!


  2. I pray that you receive more strength to keep holding on to the unchanging Word of God – God IS faithful! He may not be early but he is never late even when it seems so – Lazarus can witness to this. The Word may tarry but it shall not return to God without fulfilling it’s purpose for your life. God is the best provider; you shall not lack any good thing, Amen.


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