Start Talking….God Will Talk back!!


talkingwithjesusHow  do you get used to talking to God and actually have Him answer you?  I get this question a lot.  To live in the miraculous and supernatural we have to get used to living outside the box of years and years of what is thought of as  “normal” behavior .  We need to embrace the fact that a relationship with God is supernatural.  How can we judge our walk with God according to other believers’ reactions and beliefs?

We each will have to walk our own walk.

My first reaction is, who really cares whether people think you are weird or not.  If you are hearing from God then that Is all that matters, right?

But then we do want to be the light of the world, and the salt of the earth.

His light in us dispels darkness as we move among the people.  They are drawn to us even when they don’t know what it is they are drawn too.  It is Jesus in us.

Salt makes people thirsty.   Our presence is supposed to make people thirsty for what we have.  That means we are different, right?

What we have is Jesus!

What makes us different and intriguing to the world?   Intimacy with a very real and very active Jesus in our lives that shines forth as a light within us that others gravitate too.      Have you ever wondered why someone you don’t know just starts pouring their heart out to you at a restaurant or other public place?   It is Jesus in you they long for and they recognize Him in the spirit, but sometimes don’t realize in their minds what it is– except that they are drawn to you.

He is a part of me so I expect that any good thing people are drawn to in me is really Him…they can only just see me in the natural.

Learning to live in the supernatural is to always be expecting, even when things look so impossible in the natural.  Seriously, every time I hear someone say, “But, it is impossible” I hear Jesus say, “With Me all things are possible.”

My life, it seems, always looks impossible.  There have been so many obstacles in my life over the past 5 years I have become used to living in the impossible.

Everything becomes a miraculous possibility!

Our business has been sorely tried as investigators in California with all the new laws and changes.   We have gone months with no work.  Yet, never missed a payment or a bill or went hungry.   Money would just show up like manna from heaven at just the time we needed it.

I live by faith.

But I would be lying to say I never doubt God will come through.

Will God take us so far and just leave us stranded?

But I have learned the importance of keeping my mouth shut.  The enemy can only use what we give him with our mouths to bring more fear.  He is not omniscient like God.  He can’t read our minds.  He can just introduce the thoughts to see if we buy it.

Don’t set yourself in agreement with satan!!  There is no truth in him.

I keep declaring God will not leave us or forsake us, and the miracles just keep happening.

With the miraculous saving of our house so we did not have to move (read the story on “A Sure Dwelling Place” in the archives of this blog), to my Dad, who molested both me and my daughter, being saved just last week ( which in the natural would be an impossibility as he was dead set against God and thought he was too far gone to save), I would say I live a supernatural life. (You can read about my Dad in the last 2 blogs).

My daughter has needed a home for her and her kids (my beautiful grandkids) for the last year now.  In the natural, getting a place to live right now for her was an impossibility.   But we did not give up faith that God said He would be her husband and take care of her.  It was a hard wait and no one knows the pain she has endured in her waiting.  God promised me in His word that he would always take care of my children and not leave them destitute.     Yesterday I was out running errands.  I heard the voice of Jesus tell me to drive to a little house she so wanted but knew it was impossible to attain.   He said to park in front and pray and release the house to her in the spirit.   I told him I felt kind of silly as how did I know this is the place He really wanted her to be, but, never the less, I would be obedient and pray.  Then I drove around the house, through an alley, and prayed the whole way binding the enemy from blocking the house from her, and releasing it to her.   It reminded me of marching around Jericho and claiming it for God.

An hour ago I got a call from her so excited she could hardly stand it.  The house is hers.    I wonder if I hadn’t been obedient to go and be available to look silly sitting in front of a house talking to the Lord, what would have happened.

When God spoke to me one day to write my story in a book I was stunned.  I had no idea how to proceed.  He said He would lead me.  He did– and you can now buy my book on Amazon.  (Climbing Out of the Box, My Journey Out of Sexual and Spiritual Abuse Into Freedom and Healing….sold on Amazon).   He gave me the title, told me who to talk to for guidance, sent an editor from out of state, and helped me to publish it.  Now, He assures me He will get it into the hands of those who need it.

A miracle!!

I have learned in my conversations with God (what we Christians call prayer life) that I need to talk to Him about everything.   I told Him as I drove to that house that I felt presumptuous and maybe a little unsure if it was really Him saying to do it.  I told Him that I was tempted to doubt.   But I also told Him that just in case I was going to just do it in obedience to what I knew in my spirit I was hearing.  That is all He asks us to do.  He KNOWS us inside and out.  So, why not just lay it all out there?

The more you force yourself to start talking to Him about everything the deeper you sink into Him.  You will realize He is talking back to you.

It is about living in expectancy!  We either believe He is who He says He is or we don’t.     He simply will not let us go down as long as we are trusting in Him.   He loves us.  He isn’t waiting to hit us on the head with a hammer if we mess up.   He just stands by until we come around.

It gets to the place that when something looks so impossible you get excited to see just what He will do this time to make it happen.  It is an exciting way to live and, I must say, a necessary way to live in these times of uncertainty in our country.

There is NOTHING impossible to God!!


13 thoughts on “Start Talking….God Will Talk back!!

  1. This encouraged my soul, Dixie! Thank you for sharing. We have some “impossible” situations regarding our finances right now. Please pray with we that my husband & I would continue to lift all to Him in faith, and walk in obedience where He leads.


    • Thank you, sister! Your book really ministered to me. I was a victim (now victor!) of sexual and religious abuse. So thankful for the healing God has brought to my life. The Holy Spirit really used your analogy of lifting up my hurts, worries, etc. to Him. He is mysteriously using the physical lifting of my hands (as I picture the person in them) to bring forgiveness to my heart.
      “Well done, good and faithful servant!”
      I plan to leave an amazon review as soon as I catch my breath. 🙂
      The Lord has called me to write a book about my experiences as well. Please pray that He will continue to direct me, step by step.
      Rejoicing with you at the conversion of your father. Wow! Just wow!


  2. Cheryl!! This so blesses me to hear this……..God continually shows me that He has this ministry/book/blog in His Hands and He will get it to those who need it… are one who has come forward to confirm that to me. I am praying for you and rejoice that you have found His healing in your journey of recovery, from victim to Victor!! He will guide you with your book. Did you read the story of how mine came about? If not, you will find it at the top of my blog page that says my new book is out. You will see that if he is calling you to write you just have to start moving with it and He will miraculously show you each step of the way. ♥


  3. Dixie, This message really ministered to my heart and soul. Even though I have gone through this experience of ‘living by faith’ with you, at times I find myself challenged to ‘come around to Jesus and believe’. This is one of your most powerful messages. I am so blessed to be married to you, and enjoy the spirit filled reality you bring into our life. I am so thankful the Lord is using you to minister in such a powerful way. My love and support to you, Greg


  4. Excellent post, completely agree. It is indeed perfectly normal to have doubts (especially as Satan will try hard to get us to doubt), but we need to rebuke those doubts and not dwell on them and certainly not speak them out. Even if we need to force ourselves to say “my God will supply all my needs” or whatever is relevant, we should do it.

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