Are You a Carrier of His Glory..A Living Flame of Fire?

gods gloryI have decided in the here and now to begin to embrace my dreams;  Even when I am still living by faith with no end in sight of my ever changing life.

Today our bills are paid.  We are doing it.  We are living by faith. I have accepted that I am called to live this way right now.  I want security and He is my security. 

I have jumped out of the plane and am free falling until He says to pull the lever.

It doesn’t feel like I am being tested so much anymore because I have accepted this new way of living.  I continue to trust that He has a plan….so now I can dream.

I believe we are in an accelerated time in the spiritual realm. 

I believe if you have His power residing within you then you are dangerous to the enemy. 

I am part of an army.  The enemy sees my potential.  He sees your potential too!!

My dreams are dangerous to the enemy.  He knows that my life has God ordained destiny.  I embrace God’s full purposes for my life.  I am a powerful weapon to defeat satan and bring freedom to many because of His power that I enshroud myself in.

I am on an adventure with God.

In the past it has been my fear that I would wind up seeking only what is safe. 

I value comfort and security.  Who doesn’t? 

But sometimes what I called security was insecurity and mundane.  God loves it when we take risks and know the exhilaration of dreaming big for Him.

Our potential is unlimited.  We are the ones to limit ourselves.  He has prepared us for this hour of great adventure and romance with Him, and to realize what our role is during this critical time in history.

I want to be a carrier of His glory, a living flame of fire. Every place I go I want to bring Jesus with me and the power of His resurrection. And that is just what I do. Holy-Spirit-Dove-Fire

It is possible you know.  The world is falling apart, but we who are wise will recognize the times and rise up as His messengers of hope and unlimited potential!

“We have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us” (2 Cor. 4:7).

The glory, the treasure in us, is the Lord. We are weak vessels and yet the fire of God resides in us.

Look inside yourself today my friends.  How much fire is radiating in your life for Him?  Do you bring light into the darkness of your world?

As a Life Coach I encounter many issues in lives of my clients.  But the one thing I have come to notice every time that it always goes back to is this: 

When we are in pain and stuck we many times will seek to embrace anything available that will make us feel better, again and again… 

Only to come up still empty. 

We just don’t want to feel pain. We try to fill ourselves with everything—people, food, work, ministry, anything–but the only One who can truly fill our every longing….and the hole in our hearts, is Jesus.

In our terror of vulnerability we become controllers.  We tuck our true selves away behind walls of control. Sometimes we keep things shallow and safe, but in doing so we long even more for a joy we don’t feel and can’t seem to attain, because the control we walk in so carefully robs us of deep relational encounters with God or man.

Do you want an exciting life of adventure with God in these troubling times?  Are you tired of complacently sitting there night after night listening to the news and going to bed fearful of what is going to happen?  Ask God for adventure and surrender your life to Him and let go of control.  Ask Him to show you what His plan is for your life.  He does have a plan for you as He is not a respecter of persons.  It’s just that we don’t all surrender to it.

Recently, Greg and I wanted to see Kirk Camerons’ movie Unstoppable and the only place it was showing was in a city 2 hours from our home.  We decided to have a dinner date and movie so we took the afternoon off to travel there.  We ate at a restaurant across the street from the Imax theatre, and decided to walk over early and get in line to the movie so to have a good choice of seats. 

We walked in and I got in line while Greg went to the men’s room.  As soon as I got in line a woman appeared behind me.  She soon started talking to me.  There was an instant drawing to her that I recognized as a divine encounter.  We exchanged pleasantries and introduced ourselves and then went into the movie. Greg had joined us at that point and said to me, “Did you tell her you are a Life Coach”, To which I laughed and said, that yes, that is what I do.  She immediately looked at me and said she needed a coach.  I gave her my card and told her to contact me and we will talk some more.  All through the movie I thought about the encounter and what God was doing.  Afterward she approached me and assured me she felt a connection with me and would call.  She did call, and the following week she traveled down to my location to sign up for coaching, to which we now are doing by teleconference.

I am telling you this story because I want to emphasize that when you are living in the Kingdom of expectancy and adventure with God He directs your steps.  My new friend and client is so amazed that God went to such great lengths to bring someone from 2 hours away, at just the right time, to stand in line at a theatre at the precise moment she stood behind me, just because He loves her so much and heard her cry for help.  If we had lingered over dinner 5 minutes longer she would have stood at another place in line and we would not even have noticed one another.  At a later time, when she is ready, I will have her share with you from her standpoint of this story.

This kind of thing happens to me all the time.  It is exciting, adventurous, and romantic to get to accompany the Lord as He travels with me.  There is no limit to what He will do in your life too!!


8 thoughts on “Are You a Carrier of His Glory..A Living Flame of Fire?

  1. Dixie, Life is so exciting with the Lord. You make my life exciting too, just to walk with you in life is my blessing! I love you and I appreciate the way you communicate truth to the world. Greg


  2. Dixie I never cease to be amazed at what God is doing to you and through you. Your life is like reading an exciting mystery and I’m always anticipating the next chapter. I think you have a manuscript in the making, a new book on the way right here with this continuing blog. Thank you for sharing your ups and downs with me. You make me want to come up higher!


    • Sherilyn, thank you for such encouraging words. It is all in our perceptions of our lives…we can be victims or we can live an exciting adventure with Jesus. I AM thinking of a book put together of my encounters with Jesus, BTW!! It will be from my blogs and will be called, Fifty Ways to Meet Your Lover. I hope to get it together soon. Kind of like a devotional that you can read one chapter daily for inspiration. Your opinion is valued!! Blessings!!


  3. I am telling you this story because I want to emphasize that when you are living in the Kingdom of expectancy and adventure with God He directs your steps.

    Yes!!! This is the ‘zone’ I live in now too! It was gutwrenching, heartcrushing to get to this point, but oh to be riding the ‘wave’ with HIm is I believe the only way to live!
    From Glory to Glory. Blessings!!


  4. Just another wonderful testimony about how God works everything out in our lives. It is such a human tendency to want to think we have our life all worked out, but it is God whom I rely on day in and day out. I do still have that nagging bit of fear that I won’t be ready with the full armor of God when adversity happens, yet when I look back at past adversity, I did get through it. God never left my side. Thank you Dixie for being in my life and yet another sister in the Lord has been brought to your open arms of love. Marvelous. Love you Dixie.


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