Finding Life Again– After Dead, Scary Looking Plants Are All that are Left…

1472885_10202755278189381_741907270_nYep, that is a real picture of my prized Angel Trumpet tree. 

Remember the show the Adams Family?  Remember how dead their yard always looked and they thought it was so pretty—the deader the plants were the better they liked it?  Someone told me after California’s big 3 day freeze in December in which all of my beautiful plants took a major hit, that my yard look like the Adams family yard.  I knew exactly what they were talking about.  

I get attached to my plants; mostly outdoor plants.   I feel close To God when I am out watering and fertilizing these amazing growing things.   When I look in the face of a flower I marvel how anyone could say there is no God.  How could such beauty be just happenstance?  Just saying………..

Anyway, being a Californian I know I am spoiled when it comes to weather patterns and, I can’t help it, but I get so upset when a freeze actually happens and in one night most of the plants are all killed.  We usually have year round flowers….but it feels like the Passover of the plant death angel to me.  I lie in bed at night picturing the scary looking “freeze” wind of darkness blowing over my babied plants and them all crying and dying.  I rush out in the morning to see if any survived only to sob when I see the brown leaves and drooping dead flowers. I tried putting a cover on the plants to keep them warm but the cover was frozen solid too.  No one can console me.  1551592_10202981468884007_1610862569_n (1)

Now, in my heart I know that it is just a matter of time before Spring will arrive and, though I may have to buy some new ones,  (because I don’t have the patience to cultivate them all over again to their original beauty), they will once again spring to life. 

The spiritual application of this process is truly amazing. 

Having been through major changes in 2013 and tremendous trials in my personal life, I can already see the fruit of the testing and life being born out of what I thought was the END of life as I knew it. 

How would I ever change if something didn’t change that was out,of my control and get me out of my comfort zone, (Like a freezing of all my security props).  

God knows us inside and out.  He knows if we stay content in our comfortable caves we would never move from there, even when we know it is not our destination.  We would just camp there because even if we know it is not God’s best  we know this place and it seems safer than when we move out into the unknown; until the freeze comes over night.

Sometimes we have to wait a long time to see the thaw and the blessing come into being. 

But we WILL reap if we DON’T faint!!

We lost our house in 2011 to Bank of America through a set of circumstances that was totally out of our control.  We were lied to until one day our home was gone.  We are now renting the home through a set of miracles that could only be God.  You can read the story in this blog space….just type in “A Sure Dwelling Place” in the upper right corner of this page. There are about 9 blogs of the whole story.  It will one day be a book, but God has told me that the story isn’t over yet, so to hold off. 

Then our Investigation business took a hit and work has practically stopped.   We believed God like never before for provision and discovered the truth of who our real provider is through the fear of not knowing where any of it would come from.   And yet, we never missed a bill or went hungry…ever!!

Then my husband went to the desert, literally, to take care of an ailing step mom, so he could be a care person and be paid for his time.  He was gone most of the summer.  

So many transitions were wearing us out. And the not knowing what was going to happen.  In times like those you remember Job and the enemy of our souls brings in fear of how long this can go on before we are overcome with misfortune.  We tried to just be busy about the Lord’s work in our lives and I worked hard to just believe. 

But, it felt like death to our life in general. And there seemed to be no end in sight.   The whole year of 2013 was a year of uncertainty and disappointment and fighting fear of change and wondering what that change looked like.

 I didn’t like it.

I need to be in control of something, Lord,” I told Him. 

No, child, you don’tLet me!”  He whispered. 

Just like with my plants,  it felt like during the night the destruction descended quickly and ripped up my life and left me drooping and brown and ugly…..feeling as if nothing will replace what I lost.

But then I began to really take a close look at what was happening to us. 

At the same time all these negatives were happening, our home ministries took off.   

Both of our bible studies are prospering.

 God increased my clients in my Life Coaching business and still is.  It seems people really are drawn to vulnerability and transparency in my life.    Who knew?

Greg began a local weekly community bible study….and is invited to speak at various churches.

 I was invited to do a weekly podcast on a station out of San Diego.  You can listen to it here:

My blog has gained a bigger audience. 

My book, “Climbing Out of the Box”, is selling more and more on Amazon and I am getting ready to publish another book, and maybe a kindle mini book.

How could I separate my private life from my spiritual life?  How did that happen?  They are the same.  He is providing through miracles that, honestly, sometimes I have to stop and think how is this happening?

 In the natural there is no explanation.

Now I know God has been saying that He is preparing each of us to be the vessel He wants to use in the life of another person.  But we will never be that vessel if we give up and hide in our cave of discouragement. Not only must we keep moving, we must move into a new realm. Our attitude must move from discouragement to praise. It is when we move past discouragement to praise that we begin living above our problems.

It is a choice.

It is a decision of excellence.

And He wants relationship with us!!   If we never had any trials would we know Him as our provider or our comforter?  

Would we?  

He wants to get personal with us and the sooner we relinquish the control of our life the closer we will grow to depend completely on Him!

Soon Spring will be here and my yard will look like this again.backyard-2012 002backyard2011 002

Soon, my life will blossom like my yard into the extravagance of His riches in glory!


6 thoughts on “Finding Life Again– After Dead, Scary Looking Plants Are All that are Left…

  1. Dixie, What a great way to communicate God’s grace and never ending supply! A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes. But a ‘spiritual picture’ is worth so many more words. Hard to imagine without having walked through it myself. Thank you for giving the Lord the glory, and for continuing to believe the Lord, with me. I love you deeply, Greg


  2. Dixie, I do love how transparent you are! And, such a great truth in the death of the plants that we can all relate to. God brings beauty out of ashes. The winter is a picture of how God can bring new life from what is barren. Its been a tough year for so many, but the most important thing you said is that we will reap a harvest IF WE DO NOT GIVE UP! That is the key. I’m so happy to know you are going on with God! Praying for your blessings in 2014! Love you!


  3. I loved reading your story. Yes I too believe we should not ever give up. God is always doing a work in us 24/7. I am still so amazed how much he loves yesterday, today and forever. I try to remember that the sun will come up in the morning. In other words the Lord is still holding my hand and I am not alone to get through my day. Linda Martinez


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