Soul Clutter—5 Ways to Get Rid of It!

Clear-out-the-clutter_Self- You know what clutter is, right?  It is the stuff we put on the table thinking we will put it away later.  It is the closet full of shoes we never wear.   It’s the clothes hanging in our closets year after year and we know we will never wear it, but, hey, maybe we will.  And what about those cupboards jammed full of stuff we may someday use.

It is the same way that clutter comes to our souls. 

Remember we are spirit, that part of us that is alive unto God, the real us, the us that will live eternally.  We have a soul, which is our minds, will, and emotions.  And we live in a body.  We are triune, just like God. (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). 

Clutter comes to our souls—our minds.  It is the stuff that we shove down thinking we will take care of it later. 

Or we ignore it because it is too painful to give up or face. 

Or we fear it will change us somehow to give up that part of our thought life to Jesus. 

Soul clutter is the collection of emotional, relational, and spiritual issues we have been stepping over and ignoring.

Clutter can keep us tripping and stumbling around for a life time. 

So, what are some of those things that clutter our minds?  Mind-clutter








Body Image?






The List goes on doesn’t it?  I am sure you can add a few of your own to this list.  As you meditate and come up with a list of your own clutter that is hindering your walk with God, what do you do with it?

Here are 5 things to do.

1. Acknowledge the presence of each thing that God shows you that you are harboring in those secret places of your heart.

It might require you to do some real soul searching and it is okay to give yourself time to work through the issues.  Surrender is the key.   See each thing resting in your cupped hands.  Then imagine Jesus walking up behind you and putting His arms around you, cupping His capable hands under yours.  Then drop that thing into His hands, and watch Him walk away with your issue.  Now breathe in the freedom!!

2. Don’t isolate, but reach out to someone you trust and feel safe with to confess your faults and perhaps pray with you as you work into letting it go.  

You don’t have to be alone.  We were created to stand together and grow from each other.     I would suggest a Life Coach if it is something you need more concentrated effort in.  

3. Talk to Jesus about it.  

There is nothing more comforting than to just be honest in your conversation with Jesus and know that He already knows you inside and out, and is there to heal you as you confess your faults to Him.  Dealing with clutter in your soul requires His power to overcome your weakness.

4. Journal your journey.

Just try it!!   I write to Jesus when I am journaling.  It is an excellent way of opening your whole self to the God who made you and knows you and loves you.   As you pour out your heart to Him, He will speak back to you and you can write that down too!!   You are also exposing those dark areas in yourself that you recognize to the light that dispels all darkness.

5. Allow God to lavishly envelope you in His grace. 

Grace is the secret, and honestly, I have met very few people who really get what Grace is. I, myself, feel like there is so much more revelation there always.  Grace is so huge, when we really get a glimpse into what He has provided for us it is so overwhelming you want to fall on your knees and stay there in praise and intimacy with Jesus. 

Don’t keep beating yourself up. 

We are all prone to guilt.  Sometimes we are so given over to guilt we become paralyzed by the process and choke out the work God wants to do.   Let God forgive, heal, restore, soothe, mend, and strengthen you.  Someone said, “You cannot drink dry the river of grace or breathe the last of God’s gifts to you.”

I like that!     breaking_chains.208145743_std

Why have we listened to the noise in our heads for so long?  Why have we tripped over the same clutter for years?

Make a quality decision today to be free of these distractions that drown out His voice in your head. 

He says, “My sheep hear my voice”…..but if dogs are running around us sheep, barking continuously, how can we hear Him when He speaks?

When you pray that the Lord will reveal every hidden thing or thought in your life and bring it to the surface and be ready to deal with whatever needs to be done to get rid of it, He will always come in mercy to assist you and love you into freedom. 

Expect Him to be gentle and full of love.

Expect Him to bring healing.

Expect Him to come in great joy and rejoicing over you with love. 

Because that is who He is.

9 thoughts on “Soul Clutter—5 Ways to Get Rid of It!

  1. I have always related my messy disorganized house to a disorganized mind and soul. If only I could get it organized or get rid of it, I would have peace. Only the clutter is not mine, it’s my families stuff. One of my biggest challenges in life, is living with three men with two having adhd. Clutter and disorganization is the normal part of their lives. My guess is God is giving me a lesson in tolerance, patience, and learning to let go of control.


    • I hear you my friend. And I agree that the way we feel inside is reflected in our surroundings. If I were you I would carve out a place you could make your own and let it become your retreat that you can go to when you need to find order and peace of mind. If you had a place just for you I think you would feel more in control, in a good way. You would still need to be tolerant and patient with those you live with , but you would have a boundary for yourself, which is so essential. Thank you for sharing!!


  2. Hi Dixie. Once again you have brought things bothering me in my heart to light. Praise Jesus. So many of those things you listed as clutter are part of my mind and enter my life on a daily basis. I loved the part when you said to imagine Jesus walking up behind you and putting His arms around me, cupping His capable hands under mine. What a beautiful and powerful image. I respect your writing so much Dixie. Just when I let that “clutter” become too much in my life, there you are helping me to remember to release it to God. Thank you Dixie. I am in awe of the power God has given to you to reach others. Especially your friends.


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