Angels? Are They Really Here Today?

angel“Are not the angels all ministering spirits, servants sent out in the service [of God for the assistance] of those who are to inherit salvation?” *

My husband was so excited to go hunting with his buds to Nevada.  He was to ride in a small engine plane that fit 2 to 4 people from the Central Coast to Elko, Nevada, across the great Sierra Mountains.  It would be just him and his pilot friend in one plane.  They were to meet others there who were also pilots with their own planes. 

I felt uneasy about the trip and told him so and he assured me it would be fine and that he was going anyway.  I knew I would not be able to stop him from going so I just surrendered the whole trip the Jesus.

He made the trip there okay, with only a few “concerns”  he said. 

However, upon their return, at 12:05 midnight, I was awakened by the Lord.  I knew instantly something was not right with Greg and his pilot friend. 

I also knew in my spirit I was to start praying Psalms 91 over them.  I didn’t feel fear, but urgency.

When I got to the part in Ps. 91 that says He will give His angels charge over him and “they will lift him up in their hands, so that he would  not strike his foot against a stone,” I could see in my spirit the plane in front of a huge mountain, heading right for it! 

Then I witnessed, in the spirit, 2 large angels flying up to the plane and taking the wings of the plane and literally lifting it over the mountain until it cleared.  I kept praying until I felt a release and fell back to sleep. 

Hours later that night I heard Greg come in.  The minute he came into the room I sat up in bed and asked what had happened.  He looked shocked and asked how did I know anything was wrong. 

I told him I was awakened at 12:05 am and told to pray.

I said that I saw angels lifting the plane over a mountain.  It was like the breath left him and he sat down to tell the story.  The pilot decided to take the less traveled route over the great Sierras instead of the coastal route the other pilots chose. 

It was pitch black out and as they approached the mountains Greg looked up and saw they were heading straight into the side of the a sheer cliff.  Some kind of down draft had pulled the tiny plane down and the pilot was struggling to steer it upwards.  He said they were so close to the wall of the gigantic mountain, heading straight into it,  that he put on his sunglasses (at night) so he would not see when they hit and he knew he would die.  

Then all of a sudden, at 12:05 p.m., he felt the plane being lifted up by some unseen force and the pilot started circling over and over until it was caught up in some kind of wind and, literally, lifted over the mountain. 

This was exactly the same time God woke me to pray and I saw the angels.

Angels?  Really? 

warrior angel 2Oh yes, I believe in angels.   


The bible tells us they are here to minister to us who are heirs of salvation.  That is me!  I am an heir.  Do you know Him?  Then you are an heir too! 

The bible also says that sometimes we will entertain angels and not even be aware of it. Do you believe it?  All things are possible for those who believe. 

Do we live expectantly?  Are we living in the gospel of the Kingdom?  There are angels in this Kingdom just for us!  Do you believe?  What an exciting way to live.  Let’s open our spiritual eyes!

I don’t know about you but I want to use all of the benefits God has provided for us and I know angels come with those benefits.  Remember, we have not because we don’t ask for it.

A few years later, after the plane incident, Greg was given a brand new Harley that he had prayed for.  (Another miracle)  He hadn’t rode in years as he used to be an outlaw rider in his pre-Jesus days and gave up the Harley as it was then his god. 

When he gave his life to Jesus, he gave it up and hadn’t ridden in many years.  God gave him a brand new Harley to show him He now trusted him to keep the balance, and then he gave him a ministry to Harley riders.  

SONY DSCHe was leaving one day to go on a 3 day ride hundreds of miles away.  As I was praying for him I  could hear those blasting pipes warming up for the take off.  Again, I was praying Psalms 91.  I went to the window as he was leaving the street and, again  in the spirit, I saw those same 2 angels, one on either side of that Harley, holding on to each handle bar, and their whole bodies (beings?) were flying out behind the Harley as he flew down the street.  It seemed they were hanging on for dear life.  I laughed and felt such a peace that he was not alone.  I also laughed at those poor angels being assigned to Greg and the work cut out for them.

In the coming weeks, I will share some faith inducing stories of angels at work in my life and in the lives of others; all because I believed God.  I welcome your comments.

* Hebrews 1:14 Amplified


10 thoughts on “Angels? Are They Really Here Today?

  1. Dixie,
    As I read this article I was reminded of God’s loving care for each if us, His children. We can certainly trust The Lord, even in the unseen dangers. Angels indeed. I am certain my angels will want to have a long talk with me when I arrive ‘home’. I am glad and thankful they are always there! 🙂 Greg


  2. I absolutely believe angels have been sent by God to minister to us! My Chelsea, when she was about 4, saw a huge angel watching over us…she was so innocent and so full of trust when she asked me if I too had seen it. I said no but please tell me what he looked like. She said he was really tall and light and had nice eyes. From the mouth of babes… I know they have intervened in our lives many times. God is so good to send them to us.

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  3. My husband has been a back country pilot and I immediately sent this to him. He experienced a similar experience 2 years ago where he fell 10 ft on the rocks in the mountains of Idaho and was cushioned by angels and broke the fall????No broken bones, nothing but a few minor bruises. He is 73 years old! People shrug when he tells his story…we know the truth. Thanks for sharing, Dixie, as always, enjoy~!


  4. I believe they exist! They guide you it’s not of this realm it’s not your Grandmother and that’s what many people think. When dead people come back it’s a demon.


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