I Was Floating, Hovering High Above My Body

1510622_841945859154537_781370328_nI have shared the following story before, but I find it so astounding that I want to share it here again.  My audience is much larger now and since I am on the subject of angels working in our lives it seems appropriate.  Kendra is my daughter in law and her baby girl is my sweet granddaughter who is now going to be 17 years old in a week.  When my son brought Kendra home to meet me for the first time she was still on crutches for her crushed and broken leg.  Here is her story:

“When I was 2 months old, I had a double hernia operation on my ovaries and my mother was told by the doctor that I would never be able to have children.

November 21, 1988: I was 17 yrs. old and a Sophomore in high school.  I was driving my Dad’s 1977 Chevy Monte Carlo “tank” home from school, along with my cousin and her friend.  I decided to take the back road home.

After letting my cousin drive some of the way to her home to drop her off, I had to readjust the front seat, since she was quite a bit taller than me.  Then her friend and I proceeded on our way and we passed a chicken farm and came along some old train tracks still embedded into the road, which I remember confused me as to where I was supposed to drive exactly.

We were surrounded by huge agricultural fields of broccoli, cauliflower, etc. When we came to the stop sign at the intersection, which was only a 2-way stop back then, I stopped at the sign, looked to my left…saw no one coming, then looked to my right…again no one.

It was at this time that my driver seat came unhooked from the locked position and rolled back from the steering wheel.  I started slowly rolling out into the intersection.  Because I was wearing my seat belt, I couldn’t reach the brakes to stop myself, nor could I reach the gas to get out of the intersection.

I began to panic!

I looked to my left and all I saw was the silver hood ornament of a Ram’s head, attached to the front of a giant, white, Dodge Ram van.  It hit me going an estimated 75 mph (from the police report).

My head crushed through the side window; then my face slammed into the steering wheel.  My face was full of shattered glass and my jaw was broken.  My left arm was also broken in the impact.  My left foot had been impaled completely through by the parking brake, and my right leg was snapped in two, with the bottom of my foot, now facing me.

I was hanging from the car as it spun several times; the road ripping the top of my head apart, before it finally came to a stop.  The front driver side wheel had been ripped off, and the ‘tank’ was smashed up like a giant steel accordion.  The front driver side door was jack-knifed open and we had landed in an irrigation ditch, which was quickly filling up with drainage water from the nearby agricultural fields.

The lower half of my body was crushed in the car.

I fought with all my strength to try and escape, but it was no use.  I was trapped.  My friend who had not been wearing his seat belt had somehow ended up in the back seat, and was also trapped.  I remember him screaming at me to stop trying to pull myself out because my leg was nearly cut off below the knee.  I was losing so much blood.

It was a terrifying situation.  I was either going to drown in the irrigation water, or die from losing so much blood.  I was so weak and cold.  I remember going in and out of consciousness, fading in and out.  I tried desperately to hold on to the arm rest and the bottom of the car to keep from going under the water.  As the water finally reached my head, the last thing I remember was my friend fading off in the distance telling me to hold on, but I couldn’t.

I let go.

Just as I did this, I remember having a feeling of complete relief.  It is very hard to explain.  I felt no pain, no suffering.  I didn’t have a care in the world.

I was surrounded by pure love.

There were so many beautiful colors and a sense of warmth.  I could feel many people around me.  They were talking to me, but not with their mouths.  I could just feel and hear them in my head all together.

I was floating, hovering high above my body.

I could see myself lying there in the rising water.  I couldn’t hear him but I could see my friend screaming at me, trying to reach me from the back seat.  I could see the car, completely totaled.

Then, I could see and feel a woman with short black hair, wearing all white, put her arms around me and hold my head up to safety.

In unspoken words, she conveyed to me that I must go back; that it wasn’t my time yet.  I said to her that I didn’t want to go back because my Dad would be so angry because I destroyed his car.

I laughed and said, “My Dad will kill me”.

As I looked down to my lifeless body below, I could see firefighters and paramedics putting a neck brace on me and using the Jaws of Life to cut me from the car.  There was blood all over the car, along with dirt, grass, broken glass, pieces of metal and pieces of notebook paper flying all around.

The woman told me that I must go back to have my daughter.  I was confused.  I wondered what daughter she was talking about.  I couldn’t have a daughter.  I couldn’t have kids.  The doctors told my mom that when I was a baby.

Again, she said, I must go back.

But I didn’t want to go back. . .back to the pain and suffering from the accident.  I was feeling so good.  But the voices surrounding me with love and warmth convinced me that this was not my time to die.  I had to go back.

I felt as though I was racing through a fast tunnel of light, people on either side of me flying by very quickly.  I had flashes of every detail of my life before this point, going through my head. . . then suddenly I awoke with a loud crash and a gasp of breath.

There was a young man in a blue jumpsuit, telling me his name was Eric.  He told me that I had been in an accident.  They had just brought me back.

I had been clinically dead for several minutes.  I was in an ambulance, heading to the hospital.  It only took a couple of minutes to get there.  I spent the next several hours in surgery.  I was awake during the whole process.  They had to do a spinal block because I had eaten french fries.  They were afraid I would vomit during surgery.

I watched them moving my body all around but couldn’t feel it.  I heard them say the word “amputation”, and I started yelling and telling them not to cut off my leg!  They had to tie my arms down, and they gave me something in my IV to relax me.  I woke up several hours later in the recovery room.

Before I even opened my eyes I felt to see if my leg was still there, and it was.  I had sustained several injuries including over 1000 stitches, two broken ankles, shattered, compound leg fractures, a broken arm, broken jaw, three broken ribs and many lacerations and bruises.

When I finally was able to get my own room and have visitors, I had an African violet delivered to me. There was no card, and no one could tell me who it was from.

When I spoke to my friend about the woman who had held me up out of the water, the one who had kept me from drowning; I asked who she was because I wanted to thank her.  He looked at me in confusion.

He said that there was no woman.  He didn’t see anyone like the person I had described.  No one had come to help me until the paramedics and ambulance showed up.

It was then that I knew she must have been an angel.  

I wondered if this was all just a dream.  Just a hallucination, as some people think.  But I had this sense of peace.  I was no longer afraid of dying.  I knew in my heart that it had really happened to me.  I was in the hospital for weeks with months of rehab.

Years later, in October of 1996, I was working as a CNA (nurse assistant) and I felt really faint all of the sudden.  I had tunnel vision and literally saw stars.  I passed out in a patient’s room.  When I awoke, I was surrounded by nurses who said they bet I was pregnant.

I went to the doctor and took a pregnancy test.  It was positive.  I ended up going to two other doctors and taking a home pregnancy test to make sure.  It was true.  I was pregnant.  Later I found out I was pregnant with twins, but one didn’t develop in the womb.  During childbirth, there were many complications and the baby was born not breathing.

But the doctors and nurses saved her, and just as the angel said years ago, I gave birth to my daughter, Kathryne Delaney.

After she was born, I sat there in the hospital bed, waiting for some complication, something to go wrong, for me to die and go to heaven now. I had to come back from heaven to have her.  Now I have.  Now I’m done, right?

Wrong.  As the years have passed by I watch her grow and wonder what great purpose God has in store for her.

She was a miracle baby. 

As a side note: The driver of the van, along with several other illegal aliens fled from the scene.  Only one person from the van stayed.  He was thrown from the van after crashing through the front window, breaking his jaw.  The rest were caught three years later and deported.”

Is Kendra’s story not amazing?  

If only we would live in expectancy for His constant intervention we would experience true kingdom living at its best.  I believe that in true relationship with Jesus, we enter into a realm of the supernatural that becomes a natural way of living and we open our expectancy for angels to attend to us.  This is how God intended for us to live.  I pray every day the Jesus would live His life through me, His daughter, and accomplish His purposes in my life.  Sometimes that will bring angels. Here is a picture of Kendra and Katie today!

Mother's Day 2011 001Then the devil departed from Him, and behold, angels came and ministered to Him.  Matt. 4:10 NLT

Therefore, angels are only servants–spirits sent to care for people who will inherit salvation. Hebrews  1:14 NLT  



3 thoughts on “I Was Floating, Hovering High Above My Body

  1. I never knew that about Kendra but have always admired Her quiet personality. She truly is blessed to have gone thru such trauma and come to where She is today!


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