How to Walk on Water


“So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus”(Matthew 14:29).

 I am changed.

 I have been through some stuff lately that I can’t even bear to talk about, but yes, it has changed me.

 I have had to let go of things that have hurt me deeply.   The kind of hurt that centers in your core and takes your breath away.

 And I won’t ever be the same.  

 Oh, yes, I believe in restoration and healing, but some things that happen to us, change us forever.  

 But maybe that isn’t a bad thing.   Nothing, and I mean nothing, the enemy tries to take away from us, will be lost forever.  

 Restoration is coming….deliverance is coming…..healing is coming.

 jesus walking  See Jesus walking on the water to your storm tossed boat.

 My very foundation has been shaken to the core but I surrender it all to Him.  

 He is there in the darkness,

in the sad and lonely,

and in pictures of our lives changing to a sad distortion of what we once knew.

 How would we even survive this world without Him. If you haven’t chosen Him as your Savior, whatever do you do with your fear and pain? How do you find peace?

 We all can get distracted, especially when the storms of life rage around us. 

 It’s not easy to keep your eyes on Jesus in the middle of the night, when fear threatens to overwhelm you.

 Very often our purest vision of Jesus comes when the storms of life threaten to capsize the tiny boat of our faith.

 shack  I love the scene in the movie Shack, where Mac is in the little boat out on the lake and his fears take over. The boat is capsizing to a ravaging black monster of fear that seems very real to Mac and water is pouring in……but then through the raging noise around him He hears Jesus yelling at him, “Mac, Mac, look at Me, look at Me!!!   It took a while for Mac to look up and see Jesus…but, oh, when he did, the deception of fear disappeared….and he reached out and took the hand of Jesus and stepped out of the boat with Him on the water.

 I hear quite often, “Dixie, look at Me!!!   Dixie, look at me, look at me!! Take my hand.”

 The wind always blows around us. The mighty storms come sooner or later. We have no choice or control over when the storm comes.

 Today the sun may be shining;

tomorrow we may find ourselves toiling against the wind and rain, tossed about by adversity. Life can turn on a dime. We all know that.

 What happened to Peter can happen to any of us. And most likely will.


 For a brief moment, Peter forgets about Jesus and remembers who he is and where he is. He is Peter, a Galilean fisherman who belongs back in the boat. In that instant he looks down at his feet and sees nothing but water underneath. His mind comes to a quick conclusion:

I’m not supposed to be walking on this water; this is impossible.”

 When he lost his concentration on Jesus, he began to sink.

 The lesson is clear for all of us.

Pray for “concentrating faith.” 

For eyes that see beyond the present.

Lean into Him with all your focus and might.

You can survive any storm if you keep your eyes on Jesus.


 Lord Jesus, help me to walk on the waters of faith because you can calm every storm.



6 thoughts on “How to Walk on Water

  1. Dixie, I’m so sorry you’ve been through so much pain. These things do change us, and if we are in line with God’s will, we will be changed in a positive way, which it sounds, you have. May the Lord bless you with all you need. ❤

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  2. Thank you Lynn. We never expect suffering that changes us forever do we? But even then we simply cannot be separated. From his love. He sees so much more than we do. ❤️


  3. There is a storm ahead for all of us. If life is problem-free right now, it could be the lull before the storm. Fortunately for those who belong to Jesus, we know how the story ends. Meanwhile we keep trusting Him and thanking Him as we go. God bless you dear Dixie!

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  4. See Jesus walking on the water to your storm tossed boat.
    Dixie, I often have this vision. I remember having as far back as my memory goes, that is after the vision of Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane.

    My very foundation has been shaken to the core.
    And to be totally honest I wish I did not know what you mean by that.
    But the truth is I do as when my mother’s youngest sister and her 4 children were affixiated in a fire one year on Christmas Eve. When my great nephew earned his heavenly wings at 104 days old last year at 1;02am the morning after Mother’s Day. And so many other times but those 2 events were outstanding.
    But I surrender it all to Him.
    And I cannot eve fathom not having Jesus to surrender to.
    Thank You Dixie for sharing your post with me and may our sweet Lord Jesus shower us now and forever with the gifts of His Holy Spirit!


    • Marie, I am so sorry for your losses…..and I always marvel at how when we need Him the most He somehow carries us through the kind of pain that we can not survive without His intervention. He loves you with wild abandon and I pray you experience His profound presence today like never before. ♥


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