Surrendering the Picture….



Never would have even guessed

the day would come

when it seems like every picture created in my mind

from my youth

would disintegrate

every security I held onto…


and His plan would take on whole new meaning

where did everyone go

is this what it feels like to grow older


…means there was an illusion

did I think I could keep everyone around me

at least the respect of connection

what is the plan now

came into the world feeling empty

what am I missing, Lord

what will the end be

will restoration come before death

or will restoration be there after

I know it will be so

now I will wait

for the joy to be complete

in this new life

without the old pictures of my youth…………


person-thinking-with-thought-bubble-Thought-bubblesEvery one of us grow up with pictures in our minds of how our life will be.  We have children and create more joyful pictures of how our babies will certainly  act with us when they are grown.  We see them and believe for them and live for them and would die for them. 

But I have found in not only my own life but in so many I coach out of tough emotional places, the toughest part is learning to let go of those pictures embedded in our minds,  and accept what is–what we can’t change….with faith, of course,  in Gods unique plan for them to carry them through their own tough places……and to our shock it most never fits the way WE thought it was going to. 

Thinking business woman looking up on speech empty bubble isolat

We get stuck there in that place, and disillusioned with life and feel as if all we believed for will never come to pass.  Our perceptions are totally different from everyone else’s perceptions.  So we must find that place in Him that we keep believing for His plan to develop in our loved ones lives, even when it seems totally opposite from the way we think it should be.  And yes, even though it is hard, a loss, and painful.  

We are not God and have very limited knowledge of the hearts of those we love more than our life.  But He does.  And sometimes He answers our prayers with much higher priorities in mind for their lives.  We must keep believing. 

We must learn to not make it about us and our inability to control everyone around us. 

screen_shot_2012-09-10_at_10.18.10_am   We can’t get in the way.  Surrender to Him who knows how to heal, and restore, and make all things new. 


If you need help in this tough place, please contact me for Life Coaching.  You don’t have to stay in pain.  There is a place of peace and acceptance with faith!!


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