I Assigned Him Three Angels Two Weeks Ago….


For 5 years I gathered up my 3 grandchildren and taught them about Jesus –every week.   They were 4 and 6 years old when we began.  Christopher was 6.   He was such a sponge… soaking up all he could about Jesus, heaven, and living in the Kingdom here on earth.    The  letter is his proclamation to get baptized.   IMG_2564

So, their Papa, me and their dads, baptized them in a Jacuzzi. They sang, “Let’s Go Down to the River”…..IMG_2571

As Chris grew physically, he grew spiritually as well. He was very deep and spent a lot of time studying and talking to God.    I was privileged to live close by and got to be a part of all my grandchildren’s lives.  

Chris and I have a bond.  I was there when he, my first born grandson, was born.   I remember driving to San Diego in the wee hours of the morning to get to the hospital to watch his birth…..the sun was rising and I looked up and God spoke to me.  He said this child would be blessed and do great things, just as sunlight beamed down on my car, and I felt His presence and his peace.   7373750-sunrise-in-the-summer-at-small-overcast

Chris faced a life of trials that no young man should have to face, but he always kept his composure and his faith and had a perseverance to move forward….even when he was stuck in life he always found the courage to find a way out.

Then came the day he announced to his family that he had sought God for a long time on the course his life was to take, and he knew he was being called into joining the Marines.     I wanted him to join anything BUT the Marines.   His Mom and I cried.    I knew he was going to be entering a time of endurance like never before.  But he was adamant that was where he was to go.     Fear and pride were mixed together  watching him pursue this career.   marines-symbol-eagle-anchor-earth-97748951

So, I prayed…and prayed…and still praying.   But not in fear.   The Lord spoke to me as I was praying Psalm 91 over him.   He said,

“You have been praying over my son since he was born, Dixie. Those prayers are still in effect, and I assigned more angels to Christopher 2 weeks ago. “

Stunned I said, “Wow, Lord, thank you!   How many?”

81aa11c0a2c58d757d107cfd4c302d81    He said, “Three for now. They are with him every minute.  At night they are standing on either side of his bed, and one at his feet.”

“Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.” Is. 65:24

So, he left for boot camp 2 weeks ago with those angels.   Of course, I am tempted to worry, and to fret, and to doubt.   It’s hard to let the ones you love go and trust God is faithful to cover them, encourage them, and protect him.

Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?” Heb. 1:14

But, you know what?   That is what living in the Kingdom is all about.   You have to be diligent.  You have to stay close to Jesus, and you have to persevere.

And you learn how to let go.

Faith is NOT feelings. Think about that.

Your feelings may betray you, but never allow them to rob you of what is more real than your feelings….your faith.

I wrote Chris a letter before he left reminding him that the very same power that raised Jesus from the dead, dwells in him. And that power is there to call on when he has reached the end of his own strength.   He smiled when he read it and said,

“I know, Nana.”  

Are you praying and believing for someone you love very much.   Remember,  we worry about things that we can’t control.   To walk free of anxiety and fear, we have to lean into Him. 


0006948_abide-with-me_1000For He is speaking all the time.   He promises to NEVER,  EVER leave you no matter what.

And when there are trials and hardships, He is still there, in our suffering, making Himself known.

He says angels are there for us…”for those that are heirs of salvation”…

So, do you use them. Or, at least have an awareness, that they are assigned to you.   Believing what you cannot see?

As my children and grands grew, Psalm 91 was my go to whenever I feared for them or worried about them.   As soon as I prayed that Psalm, I felt his peace and reassurance that His word does not return to him without accomplishing what He wants and offers us. 

Now, my daughter, Christopher’s mom, will not close her eyes at night without praying that word over herself and her loved ones. 

He is our peace.

When my father, on his death bed, told me he couldn’t forgive ME for exposing him for molesting me and my daughter, I was stunned. This didn’t fit my picture of him repenting before his death and telling me he loved me and was sorry for what he did to us.   No, instead, he blamed me for telling ‘our’ secret and exposing him for who he really was.   I was alone in the room with him, speechless.  At that moment I felt the overwhelming presence of Jesus, sitting in the chair with me.    I, seriously, felt him lean over and whisper in my ear, (I actually felt his breath on my ear),  and he said,

Dixie, you are not alone, I am right here. I will never leave you.”   

Jesus-By-My-Side-342x200And I had such a sense of peace.   As shocked as I was at my father’s sense of entitlement, narcissism, and unrepentant heart,  on his death bed, to actually still be blaming me for his crime that changed me and Heather forever… I felt removed emotionally…. and the presence of Jesus was so tangent that I walked out of the hospital room that day with a smile on my face.  Those were the last words with my father before he died.  But the presence of Jesus enabled me to totally let him go.

Those who look to him for help will be radiant with joy; no shadow of shame will darken their faces.” Ps. 34:5  

In all of our turbulent lives He promises to be there and there is no limit to His presence…you can be mindful of it every day and press in and live in the supernatural…or you can choose to ignore it.   But if you ignore it you will be missing out on  the abundant life He offers….

 akiane-kramarik-jesus-painting  Psalms 91…..Lord,

I thank you that because I dwell in the shelter of You, Most High God  I will find rest in the shadow of You, my Almighty.  This I declare about You Lord: You alone are my refuge, my place of safety; You are my God, and I trust You alone,   For You will rescue me from every trap  and protect me from deadly disease. You will cover me with Your feathers.  You will shelter me with Your wings.   Your faithful promises are my armor and protection. I will not be afraid of the terrors of the night,  nor the arrow that flies in the day. I will not dread the disease that stalks in darkness,  nor the disaster that strikes at midday.  Though a thousand fall at my side, though ten thousand may be dying around me,   these evils will not touch me. I will open my eyes, and see how the wicked are punished.

 Lord, I will make You my refuge, and I will  make You,  Most High,  my shelter,   no evil will conquer me; no plague will come near my home. Thank you for ordering Your angels to protect me wherever I go.  They will hold me up with their hands  so I won’t even hurt my foot on a stone. I will trample upon lions and cobras;  I will crush fierce lions and serpents under my feet!

 Lord You have said You will rescue those who love You and You will protect those who trust in Your name.  When I call on You, You will answer;  You will be with me in trouble. You will rescue and honor me  and You will reward me with a long life and give me Your salvation.”  Amen!  


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Lost Something? 5 Sure Ways to Find It, Using Your Faith!

angels     Many years ago I heard a message about how the angels of God are there to do our bidding.  God didn’t leave us powerless.  

  • Are they not all ministering spirits send forth to serve, for the sake of those who are to obtain salvation? (Heirs of Salvation)…Hebrews 11:14

 So, I started to put some things together in my head.  If the angels are there to serve us, God’s own people, through salvation in Jesus, then what is stopping me from calling on their services when I need them?


Thinking business woman looking up on speech empty bubble isolat

Can you answer that question?

I began to formulate scriptures to encourage my faith to activate this benefit to those of us who are heirs to the Kingdom of God.   We are all heirs, but not everyone believes that or accepts it.   But if you are an heir to eternity with God then you are a candidate!!

  •  God has revealed to us through the Holy Spirit, for the Spirit searches everything, even the depths of God. 2:10
  •  And He who searches the hearts of men knows what is the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God. Romans 8:27
  • For there is nothing hid, except to be made manifest, nor is anything secret except to come to light. Mark 4:22

 screen_shot_2012-09-10_at_10.18.10_am   When you pray the word of God, you activate your faith, for you know you are praying according to His perfect will and you are hearing yourself say it…it is a release of your faith.  His word will always accomplish what He wants to accomplish and will never return to Him without  performing what your faith is releasing.

 So, what prevents us from using this knowledge when we have lost something we need to find.   Even if it’s just our keys?   He cares about every tiny detail of our life.   He WANTS to be involved and to be asked.   We have not because we ask not He tells us in His word. 

8-Examples-of-passive-aggressive-behaviour  These scriptures can also be used to reveal hidden things in a relationship or a person’s life that needs to be uncovered.  

And it works!  As a matter of fact it works so well that I would recommend you NOT pray these scriptures unless you are prepared for what you might find out.   I have shared this truth with some who just thought they wanted to see truth, but when it was revealed to them, they ignored it because they wanted their way and not Gods way. 

 The choice is yours.

 My husband and I use this prayer all the time…even to find our keys that we just had with us.   I can even reveal that at times I KNOW I looked in a certain place a dozen times…then I stopped and prayed, felt this nudge to look again, and there the thing would be that I was looking for.

 I have witnessed rings found in snow drifts, that would have been impossible,  toxic relationships stopped when hidden things came out that were not seen before,  contact lens that were dropped suddenly start sparkling and clearly seen, and lost money reappear.

 My purse was stolen in Wal-Mart one day, right out of the cart when I turned my back.   We raced through the store and locked the doors and the employees checked every bag leaving the store, to no avail.  The Police were summoned and came to me to take a report.  While I waited I prayed this prayer of finding things.   While talking to the Officer he told me that I might as well forget about finding it and cancel all my cards…I did cancel the cards, but believed it would come back to me. 


sb_passiveagressive2I asked the officer if he believed in angels.  He said that he did, as a matter of  fact.  I then told him that I believed the angels would bring the purse back to me.    He smiled and said, would you promise me you will call me at the station, (here’s my name), and let me know if this happens.   I said I most certainly would.

I kept praying the prayer to keep my faith out there. 

One week later I got a call from the store.  They had found my purse hanging in the purse section as if for sale.  It had everything in it with nothing missing.  

 Coincidence?   I think not!

 I called the officer that day.  When I told him my purse was found inside the store, hanging out in plain sight, with nothing missing, he started laughing and called out to all his buddies to tell them the story. 

 This prayer is so effective I have shared it with everyone I know and have had wonderful stories returned to me of finding priceless treasures long ago lost.   It is so fun to rejoice with them.

 And to see their faith elevated.

 And the angels smile.1510622_841945859154537_781370328_n

 So, here is the prayer I put together.  Now, this is not a formula, or a religion.  It is simply a Word prayer I put together of the above scriptures I shared with you.   It is a help to get you started in exercising your faith in this area.  You can use it anyway you wish or write your own to pray or just use your memory of the scriptures.  

 I personally have used this prayer for years.   Here it is:


Father, I know there is nothing hidden, except to be revealed and there is nothing kept secret except it be make known.   So, I ask you now, in the name of Jesus, that Your Holy Spirit would search diligently, explore and examine every area, and bring every hidden thing into the light (insert here the name of the person or thing).  I ask that You would release the ministering spirits (angels) who are there to do the bidding of the heirs of salvation, of which I am one, to go forth, find, and bring that hidden ____________back to me. (or bring every hidden thing to light with this person).   I trust that wherever it is you will cause me to either remember, or have it materialize to my sight.  I trust You to bring it to me today.  Amen!!

When All Hell Breaks Loose Against You

warrior angel 2  The room was very dark as the movie played on a huge screen right in front of my face.  I had never watched the Lord of the Rings series, and since my ankle hurt that day,  I decided to ride the bike in the gym’s movie room instead of the treadmill in another area of the gym.   

I fumbled in the dark and felt my way to just the right bike for me and because I couldn’t see, just coming out of the bright light, finally was able to punch in the right speed and time for my ride.

I had come in right in the middle of the movie but thought it would give me a good idea of whether I would like it or not and serve to hold my attention while I pumped out the miles.

Unfortunately for me I came in right when these humongous, ravenous demon wolf-type things, with what could only be demons themselves on their backs, were attacking the good army and demolishing them with their ravenous, canine teeth that were bloody and black. 

77805_304318676348257_2011093051_o1-1-  The scene went on and on until I thought that I just wasn’t listening to God by picking this room for my exercise routine that day. 

I was dodging and ducking as these demons jumped into the camera with bloody drool dripping.  As I sat there peddling, I couldn’t help but be thinking I had to get out of there.

I needed peace–not whatever this was.

But in the midst of this horror and my attempt to leave the room, God spoke to me.

Ever have that happen?   In the most unlikely place that you would expect, He speaks.

One time he spoke to me in a bar bathroom (I was there for a talent show my friend took me too, in case you’re wondering if I hang out at bars),  and I was shocked at the time….but that is another story.

Dixie, look!”

“I am looking, Lord.  I don’t like it.”

“Look at the warriors in the good army.”

81aa11c0a2c58d757d107cfd4c302d81   So, I watched like He told me to do.

The warriors fought with everything in them.  Every time one good guy was attacked by a demon wolf, (I am sure this dark army had a name but it escaped me), he fought back and with great warfare and managed to kill a great number of them.   But more would come and render some of the slower guys to pieces.  It seems though, that the more the good guys fought the more they were attacked by the demons of hell itself. 

In the end the good guys won and the demons were dead…to only return at a later time in the movie.  I knew Jesus wanted me to see something about my own life in this illustration He was showing me.

Dixie, isn’t this what you have been experiencing in your life recently?”

I began to see what He was showing me.  First of all, He was reassuring me that He knew exactly what I was experiencing and was with me on the journey, but was teaching me more about extreme spiritual warfare.

  Starting about 6 months ago, all hell has broke loose within my personal life and those I love.  Just as one thing was fought through and seemingly won, another thing would happen that would literally shock and sweep me off my spiritual feet.   

I have literally felt each time like giving up on all that I do.  And it seems those wolves are still coming, and the more I battle in the spirit the more they come. 

They want to steal my life. 

They want to make me feel like a failure. 

They want to render me helpless and defeated. 

Just as those good guys in the movie used their weapons of warfare I am more determined to use mine.  I don’t fight by my own power or I would surely die.    The weapons of my warfare are not carnal but are mighty before God for the pulling down of the enemies  strongholds that would seek to envelope me and tear me to pieces.

spiritual-warfare  For the weapons of our warfare    are not physical [weapons of flesh  and blood], but they are mighty  before God for the  overthrow and destruction of  strongholds 2 Cor. 10:4 

 At some point those wolves will get it…they will see they cannot defeat me because I may look “defeatable” but behind me stand mighty warriors of the most high God and they have to get through them first.

In myself I am weak and no different than any of you.   But it is in my weakness HE is made strong. 

“But He said to me, My grace (My favor and loving-kindness and mercy) is enough for you [sufficient against any danger and enables you to bear the trouble manfully]; for My strength and power are made perfect (fulfilled and completed) and show themselves most effective in [your] weakness. Therefore, I will all the more gladly glory in my weaknesses and infirmities, that the strength and power of Christ (the Messiah) may rest (yes, may pitch a tent over and dwell) upon me!”  2 Cor. 12:9-11

So, I watched the scene in the Lord of the Rings until the battle played out…and the good guys were plum worn out but were able to ride off, alive, and the enemy was defeated, with carcasses of demons strewn over the mountainside.

jesus and me   “You will win this battle, Dixie, because you have learned your strength lies in me.”

Boy, I wish He would tell me how long it’s going to last and when I can see His total deliverance from this time of attack..but isn’t  that what it is all about?

 Put on God’s whole armor [the armor of a heavy-armed soldier which God supplies], that you may be able successfully to stand up against [all] the strategies and the deceits of the devil.

12 For we are not wrestling with flesh and blood [contending only with physical opponents], but against the despotisms, against the powers, against [the master spirits who are] the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) sphere.

13 Therefore put on God’s complete armor, that you may be able to resist and stand your ground on the evil day [of danger], and, having done all [the crisis demands], to stand [firmly in your place]. Eph 6:10-18

 It is learning to always be on our guard and decked out in our armor so that we find our true joy and deliverance in Him for always?

I will stand strong in Him!Jesus

As We Prayed….Someone Knocked On Our Door

10363854_377819679023936_7543693983379870990_nThen the devil departed from Him, and behold, angels  came and ministered to Him.  Matt. 4:10

As my children grew into teenagers nothing prepared me  for the sudden lack of control a parent feels when our kids  start separating from us to  find their own way in the  world. 

Talking to Jesus about them got me through and I know  their angels were busy.  They were normal kids and got  into their share of mischief as they moved into  independence. 

Since they are adults now, I hear stories about their exploits as teens that are new to me and for that I say  thank you God for protecting them even when I didn’t have  a clue.

Our simple trust is that He is there and those assigned angels are busy every step they take.  I prayed many times for God to protect them in the foolishness of youth, and to allow them to learn from their mistakes, but to also keep them from being harmed along the way. 

One evening my son Jason had gone to a drive in movie with a group of teens.  Again, as in the story of Greg and the plane incident a couple of blogs back, I was woken up around midnight and had this urgency to get up and pray for him. 

The only words that I could get out was Psalm 91:3 that says “He will keep us from the snare of the enemy”.  I prayed, “Lord, keep Jason from being caught in a hidden trap or danger, and deliver him from the snare of the enemy.”  I prayed this over and over until he arrived home.  

warrior angel 2With a look of shock on his face when he saw me, he  wanted to know why I was up.  I explained that I  couldn’t sleep because God had woke me up and  told me to pray for him.  He had a very strange look  on his face as he disappeared into his room. 

The next morning he explained that as I was praying  at midnight he had left the car to visit the rest room.   As his back was to the door a bunch of gang  members approached him and hit him in the back of  the head with a large slat of wood.  Stunned, he turned, and as he stood there he was infused with supernatural strength and proceeded to fight off his attackers.  He threw them into walls and watched them slide down to the floor, (picture it). As he stood there waiting for them to get up they all jumped up and ran from him in terror.  He said when he walked out of the rest room he didn’t see them anywhere.

He was just one teenager and there were many of them.

I wondered what would have happened if I hadn’t been obedient to pray.  I know there must have been a band of angels in this case, posted as sentry’s all around that rest room giving Jason supernatural strength.  Or maybe he just thought he was doing the fighting and it was really a warrior angel.  Simple obedience when we are called to pray is key.

My step-daughter, Christina, was a new driver and she and her Dad had bought a Miata convertible for her to drive to and from school.  She was driving down the freeway one day with the top down and leaned over for a brief second to adjust the radio, and lost control of her car and over corrected.  It hit the dirt on the side of the road and flipped upside down on the side of the road, which was a slight incline.  The car just continued to turn over and landed right side up.  There was no explanation when the Highway Patrol came as to why the car continued to roll uphill and land right side up with her still sitting in the passenger seat stunned but unharmed.  Where was her head as it hit the ground upside down with no top on the car?  I instantly recognized the work of her angel keeping her sitting in that seat and not being thrown out of the car.

When I was a young mom I remember one Christmas that there was no money.  My kids were around 12 and 8  and I could barely pay the bills, let alone buy presents for  them.  I had them gather with me in prayer that God would provide a Christmas for us miraculously.  I told them that God would provide for  fun Christmas for them.

We believed together that God would send an angel our way.  One night around bed time there came a knock at the door.

praying-womanWe all three ran to the door, expecting.  There was a lady standing there whom we did not know.  She handed us an envelope with $200 in it and said it was from God.   I looked at the kids and then back at this heavenly messenger and all I could see of her was  her back as she hurried down the street and then she was gone.  

I bought Christmas gifts for my amazed kids and they will  always remember the Christmas that God bought our  presents.

If only we would live in expectancy for His constant intervention we would experience true kingdom living at its best. 

I was very intrigued by the concept of angels and their role in protecting my children. I had read in Matthew how the angels that watch over our children were special angels that always behold the face of our Father.

angel“Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you that in Heaven their angels do always behold the face of My Father who is in Heaven”  Matthew 18:10

These angels have special access to the face of God. 

Didn’t He say that if anyone harm a child, it would be better for  him if a millstone is tied around his neck, and he be cast into  the sea, than to have to face God’s wrath?  Oh yes, God is  very watchful over our kids and they have their own very  special angels that reports back to God.

There was the time I walked out into the front yard to check on  my 4-year-old, and witnessed him riding his Hot Wheel Trike  like a hot rod from driveway to driveway across the street.  

It happened so fast I didn’t have time to even scream. 

He was heading into a driveway with a hedge that blocked his  view.  There was a pickup truck backing out at the same time  and he was heading right into its path.  In a split seconds time I witnessed an unseen force grab the wheel of his trike and jerk it into the curb and stop his ascent into the path of the truck.  An angel stepped in at that moment to keep him safe

I had to leave my 2 year old little girl with a friend one day so that I could attend a seminar.  The friend was to pick Heather up that morning and drive to her home.  On the way, Heather was sitting on the passenger side happily eating a dry bowl of Cheerios. 

A car came out of nowhere and plowed into Heather’s side of the car, totaling the car, and sending my friend to the hospital on a stretcher.  It happened to be in front of a church, and my husband was called immediately to come.  When he arrived an EMT was sitting in the church holding our baby on his lap.  Heather was laughing and had totally charmed the young man. 

I was told that somehow, miraculously, she did not leave her seat upon impact, and was totally uninjured (that was in the days before car seats or seat belts were required and that horrifies me now). 

Her Cheerios were scattered all over the car– but she never left the seat!  And whereas a child is usually traumatized by this kind of accident, she wasn’t shaken in the least. 

When I finally arrived back home I had to examine her myself, of course.  There on her little back was one bruise in the shape of a thumb print where her angel held her in place as the car was crashed into.  I think God allowed the thumb print to be there to allow me to see His protection for my children.  There could be no other explanation.

When Jason was about 5 he began asking me about God’s angels and could he see them.  Not wanting to quench the faith of a child, I explained that angels were spirits and that normally we can’t just see angels unless God lets us.

Jason said he was going to pray and ask God to let him see an angel.  This kid had prayed for a turtle once and every morning for 3 days in a row a turtle appeared on our front door step.   I told him to please pray and tell God to stop sending turtles.  

I had no doubt if he prayed to see an angel, he would!

The next morning we were sitting at the breakfast table.  Jason asked me why I came into his room the night before.  I said I didn’t. 

He said, “Yes, you did Mom.  I woke up and was scared, and called for you.  When you didn’t come, I asked God to take away my fear.  You then came into my room, and in the light that was shining through my bedroom window I saw you in a long, white nightgown.  Then you sat on my bed and rubbed my head until I went back to  sleep.”

1011820_364063210399583_6120095683013378170_nI said, “Son, that wasn’t Mom you saw.  You prayed for an angel and God brought one to you when you needed  to be comforted, and He let you see her.”  His little face just beamed at the recognition of what God had done for him.

Angels are mentioned at least 108 times in the Old Testament and 165 times in the New Testament.   They have all kinds of jobs to do and one of them is to assist those of us who are heirs of salvation through Jesus.   If you care to do your own study of angels and their purposes here are some places to look:   

•They are vast in number (Hebrews 12:22; Revelation 5:11).

1510622_841945859154537_781370328_n•They do not die (Luke 20:36).
•They are spirit beings (Hebrews 1:14).
•They are without bodies (Luke 24:39).
•They can assume bodily shape as people (Genesis 19:1-5).
•There is gender among them (Zechariah 5:9-11).

•They are wise, powerful, have personalities, are moral beings, and vastly inferior to God (2 Samuel 14:20; 2 Peter 2:11; Mark 8:38; 1 Peter 3:22; Hebrews 16).





I Was Floating, Hovering High Above My Body

1510622_841945859154537_781370328_nI have shared the following story before, but I find it so astounding that I want to share it here again.  My audience is much larger now and since I am on the subject of angels working in our lives it seems appropriate.  Kendra is my daughter in law and her baby girl is my sweet granddaughter who is now going to be 17 years old in a week.  When my son brought Kendra home to meet me for the first time she was still on crutches for her crushed and broken leg.  Here is her story:

“When I was 2 months old, I had a double hernia operation on my ovaries and my mother was told by the doctor that I would never be able to have children.

November 21, 1988: I was 17 yrs. old and a Sophomore in high school.  I was driving my Dad’s 1977 Chevy Monte Carlo “tank” home from school, along with my cousin and her friend.  I decided to take the back road home.

After letting my cousin drive some of the way to her home to drop her off, I had to readjust the front seat, since she was quite a bit taller than me.  Then her friend and I proceeded on our way and we passed a chicken farm and came along some old train tracks still embedded into the road, which I remember confused me as to where I was supposed to drive exactly.

We were surrounded by huge agricultural fields of broccoli, cauliflower, etc. When we came to the stop sign at the intersection, which was only a 2-way stop back then, I stopped at the sign, looked to my left…saw no one coming, then looked to my right…again no one.

It was at this time that my driver seat came unhooked from the locked position and rolled back from the steering wheel.  I started slowly rolling out into the intersection.  Because I was wearing my seat belt, I couldn’t reach the brakes to stop myself, nor could I reach the gas to get out of the intersection.

I began to panic!

I looked to my left and all I saw was the silver hood ornament of a Ram’s head, attached to the front of a giant, white, Dodge Ram van.  It hit me going an estimated 75 mph (from the police report).

My head crushed through the side window; then my face slammed into the steering wheel.  My face was full of shattered glass and my jaw was broken.  My left arm was also broken in the impact.  My left foot had been impaled completely through by the parking brake, and my right leg was snapped in two, with the bottom of my foot, now facing me.

I was hanging from the car as it spun several times; the road ripping the top of my head apart, before it finally came to a stop.  The front driver side wheel had been ripped off, and the ‘tank’ was smashed up like a giant steel accordion.  The front driver side door was jack-knifed open and we had landed in an irrigation ditch, which was quickly filling up with drainage water from the nearby agricultural fields.

The lower half of my body was crushed in the car.

I fought with all my strength to try and escape, but it was no use.  I was trapped.  My friend who had not been wearing his seat belt had somehow ended up in the back seat, and was also trapped.  I remember him screaming at me to stop trying to pull myself out because my leg was nearly cut off below the knee.  I was losing so much blood.

It was a terrifying situation.  I was either going to drown in the irrigation water, or die from losing so much blood.  I was so weak and cold.  I remember going in and out of consciousness, fading in and out.  I tried desperately to hold on to the arm rest and the bottom of the car to keep from going under the water.  As the water finally reached my head, the last thing I remember was my friend fading off in the distance telling me to hold on, but I couldn’t.

I let go.

Just as I did this, I remember having a feeling of complete relief.  It is very hard to explain.  I felt no pain, no suffering.  I didn’t have a care in the world.

I was surrounded by pure love.

There were so many beautiful colors and a sense of warmth.  I could feel many people around me.  They were talking to me, but not with their mouths.  I could just feel and hear them in my head all together.

I was floating, hovering high above my body.

I could see myself lying there in the rising water.  I couldn’t hear him but I could see my friend screaming at me, trying to reach me from the back seat.  I could see the car, completely totaled.

Then, I could see and feel a woman with short black hair, wearing all white, put her arms around me and hold my head up to safety.

In unspoken words, she conveyed to me that I must go back; that it wasn’t my time yet.  I said to her that I didn’t want to go back because my Dad would be so angry because I destroyed his car.

I laughed and said, “My Dad will kill me”.

As I looked down to my lifeless body below, I could see firefighters and paramedics putting a neck brace on me and using the Jaws of Life to cut me from the car.  There was blood all over the car, along with dirt, grass, broken glass, pieces of metal and pieces of notebook paper flying all around.

The woman told me that I must go back to have my daughter.  I was confused.  I wondered what daughter she was talking about.  I couldn’t have a daughter.  I couldn’t have kids.  The doctors told my mom that when I was a baby.

Again, she said, I must go back.

But I didn’t want to go back. . .back to the pain and suffering from the accident.  I was feeling so good.  But the voices surrounding me with love and warmth convinced me that this was not my time to die.  I had to go back.

I felt as though I was racing through a fast tunnel of light, people on either side of me flying by very quickly.  I had flashes of every detail of my life before this point, going through my head. . . then suddenly I awoke with a loud crash and a gasp of breath.

There was a young man in a blue jumpsuit, telling me his name was Eric.  He told me that I had been in an accident.  They had just brought me back.

I had been clinically dead for several minutes.  I was in an ambulance, heading to the hospital.  It only took a couple of minutes to get there.  I spent the next several hours in surgery.  I was awake during the whole process.  They had to do a spinal block because I had eaten french fries.  They were afraid I would vomit during surgery.

I watched them moving my body all around but couldn’t feel it.  I heard them say the word “amputation”, and I started yelling and telling them not to cut off my leg!  They had to tie my arms down, and they gave me something in my IV to relax me.  I woke up several hours later in the recovery room.

Before I even opened my eyes I felt to see if my leg was still there, and it was.  I had sustained several injuries including over 1000 stitches, two broken ankles, shattered, compound leg fractures, a broken arm, broken jaw, three broken ribs and many lacerations and bruises.

When I finally was able to get my own room and have visitors, I had an African violet delivered to me. There was no card, and no one could tell me who it was from.

When I spoke to my friend about the woman who had held me up out of the water, the one who had kept me from drowning; I asked who she was because I wanted to thank her.  He looked at me in confusion.

He said that there was no woman.  He didn’t see anyone like the person I had described.  No one had come to help me until the paramedics and ambulance showed up.

It was then that I knew she must have been an angel.  

I wondered if this was all just a dream.  Just a hallucination, as some people think.  But I had this sense of peace.  I was no longer afraid of dying.  I knew in my heart that it had really happened to me.  I was in the hospital for weeks with months of rehab.

Years later, in October of 1996, I was working as a CNA (nurse assistant) and I felt really faint all of the sudden.  I had tunnel vision and literally saw stars.  I passed out in a patient’s room.  When I awoke, I was surrounded by nurses who said they bet I was pregnant.

I went to the doctor and took a pregnancy test.  It was positive.  I ended up going to two other doctors and taking a home pregnancy test to make sure.  It was true.  I was pregnant.  Later I found out I was pregnant with twins, but one didn’t develop in the womb.  During childbirth, there were many complications and the baby was born not breathing.

But the doctors and nurses saved her, and just as the angel said years ago, I gave birth to my daughter, Kathryne Delaney.

After she was born, I sat there in the hospital bed, waiting for some complication, something to go wrong, for me to die and go to heaven now. I had to come back from heaven to have her.  Now I have.  Now I’m done, right?

Wrong.  As the years have passed by I watch her grow and wonder what great purpose God has in store for her.

She was a miracle baby. 

As a side note: The driver of the van, along with several other illegal aliens fled from the scene.  Only one person from the van stayed.  He was thrown from the van after crashing through the front window, breaking his jaw.  The rest were caught three years later and deported.”

Is Kendra’s story not amazing?  

If only we would live in expectancy for His constant intervention we would experience true kingdom living at its best.  I believe that in true relationship with Jesus, we enter into a realm of the supernatural that becomes a natural way of living and we open our expectancy for angels to attend to us.  This is how God intended for us to live.  I pray every day the Jesus would live His life through me, His daughter, and accomplish His purposes in my life.  Sometimes that will bring angels. Here is a picture of Kendra and Katie today!

Mother's Day 2011 001Then the devil departed from Him, and behold, angels came and ministered to Him.  Matt. 4:10 NLT

Therefore, angels are only servants–spirits sent to care for people who will inherit salvation. Hebrews  1:14 NLT  


Angels? Are They Really Here Today?

angel“Are not the angels all ministering spirits, servants sent out in the service [of God for the assistance] of those who are to inherit salvation?” *

My husband was so excited to go hunting with his buds to Nevada.  He was to ride in a small engine plane that fit 2 to 4 people from the Central Coast to Elko, Nevada, across the great Sierra Mountains.  It would be just him and his pilot friend in one plane.  They were to meet others there who were also pilots with their own planes. 

I felt uneasy about the trip and told him so and he assured me it would be fine and that he was going anyway.  I knew I would not be able to stop him from going so I just surrendered the whole trip the Jesus.

He made the trip there okay, with only a few “concerns”  he said. 

However, upon their return, at 12:05 midnight, I was awakened by the Lord.  I knew instantly something was not right with Greg and his pilot friend. 

I also knew in my spirit I was to start praying Psalms 91 over them.  I didn’t feel fear, but urgency.

When I got to the part in Ps. 91 that says He will give His angels charge over him and “they will lift him up in their hands, so that he would  not strike his foot against a stone,” I could see in my spirit the plane in front of a huge mountain, heading right for it! 

Then I witnessed, in the spirit, 2 large angels flying up to the plane and taking the wings of the plane and literally lifting it over the mountain until it cleared.  I kept praying until I felt a release and fell back to sleep. 

Hours later that night I heard Greg come in.  The minute he came into the room I sat up in bed and asked what had happened.  He looked shocked and asked how did I know anything was wrong. 

I told him I was awakened at 12:05 am and told to pray.

I said that I saw angels lifting the plane over a mountain.  It was like the breath left him and he sat down to tell the story.  The pilot decided to take the less traveled route over the great Sierras instead of the coastal route the other pilots chose. 

It was pitch black out and as they approached the mountains Greg looked up and saw they were heading straight into the side of the a sheer cliff.  Some kind of down draft had pulled the tiny plane down and the pilot was struggling to steer it upwards.  He said they were so close to the wall of the gigantic mountain, heading straight into it,  that he put on his sunglasses (at night) so he would not see when they hit and he knew he would die.  

Then all of a sudden, at 12:05 p.m., he felt the plane being lifted up by some unseen force and the pilot started circling over and over until it was caught up in some kind of wind and, literally, lifted over the mountain. 

This was exactly the same time God woke me to pray and I saw the angels.

Angels?  Really? 

warrior angel 2Oh yes, I believe in angels.   


The bible tells us they are here to minister to us who are heirs of salvation.  That is me!  I am an heir.  Do you know Him?  Then you are an heir too! 

The bible also says that sometimes we will entertain angels and not even be aware of it. Do you believe it?  All things are possible for those who believe. 

Do we live expectantly?  Are we living in the gospel of the Kingdom?  There are angels in this Kingdom just for us!  Do you believe?  What an exciting way to live.  Let’s open our spiritual eyes!

I don’t know about you but I want to use all of the benefits God has provided for us and I know angels come with those benefits.  Remember, we have not because we don’t ask for it.

A few years later, after the plane incident, Greg was given a brand new Harley that he had prayed for.  (Another miracle)  He hadn’t rode in years as he used to be an outlaw rider in his pre-Jesus days and gave up the Harley as it was then his god. 

When he gave his life to Jesus, he gave it up and hadn’t ridden in many years.  God gave him a brand new Harley to show him He now trusted him to keep the balance, and then he gave him a ministry to Harley riders.  

SONY DSCHe was leaving one day to go on a 3 day ride hundreds of miles away.  As I was praying for him I  could hear those blasting pipes warming up for the take off.  Again, I was praying Psalms 91.  I went to the window as he was leaving the street and, again  in the spirit, I saw those same 2 angels, one on either side of that Harley, holding on to each handle bar, and their whole bodies (beings?) were flying out behind the Harley as he flew down the street.  It seemed they were hanging on for dear life.  I laughed and felt such a peace that he was not alone.  I also laughed at those poor angels being assigned to Greg and the work cut out for them.

In the coming weeks, I will share some faith inducing stories of angels at work in my life and in the lives of others; all because I believed God.  I welcome your comments.

* Hebrews 1:14 Amplified

A Homeless Man and The Bottle of Tea

homelessman1The first thing that hit me was the overwhelming stench of body odor.  Every part of me resisted allowing this dirty, wretched, man into my home.   Men were filing into my husband’s Thursday night bible study, Band of Brothers.   But then here was THIS man.   One of the regulars brought him in hopes of reaching the man with the gospel of grace and hope.  

Good intentions.

Yikes, I hate when that happens.   My good deed of opening our home as a refuge to those seeking more of Jesus just was hit with a curve ball.

“Well, Lord, I really meant for it to be to the normal people.

The clean people. 

I mean, really, how much is this to ask of me.  I already give up my comfort for all these men.”

The ones who don’t make me uncomfortable or smell up my house. 

Oops, really feeling not so spiritual right now. 

I started to get angry at the guy who brought him.  This is my home.  Wouldn’t he know better than bring an “unsafe” guy here?   This dirty man.  This destitute man.   Does he have a disease? 

Thinking business woman looking up on speech empty bubble isolat

What if he was a thief?  What then?  

He seemed nervous and quickly walked past me to the back of the house where the men meant each week.  He also seemed to know instinctively what I was feeling about him and averted direct eye contact.   I remembered him from seeing him make his rounds from place to place in our little town.  Actually, I am pretty sure he walked everywhere.

Don’t you just hate the fact when you  feel like you are really spiritual, and are busy patting yourself on the back,  God comes on the scene and shows you exactly just how spiritual you really are?  

I didn’t like myself right then;  At all.

So many stories came to mind that I read in the bible. 

man-crawling-in-desert-dying-of-thirst   The Samaritan man beaten and in a ditch and no one wanted to get  “involved” in helping the poor soul, so those that walked by pretended they didn’t see him and kept right on going.  And then there was that one guy who helped him. Jesus said he was the one who was the true neighbor.  Luke 10:30-37

Then there are the stories of angels visiting us in the forms of people to see how we will react.

sadDon’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!”  Hebrews 13:2 NLT

Uh oh!   Am I in trouble?

It is so easy to do good when everything is clean and pretty and they rave about your hospitality and generosity.  Then I feel rewarded.  

But what about the unlovely people? 

Ugh, I didn’t want to think about it.  

I expressed my distaste to my husband when the study was over.  He told me that the destitute man, though hard for him to sit still, sat there through the whole study and heard what was said.    I felt a little convicted.  But I still maintained that this was my home and off limits to open up to people on the street. 

Just being honest with you.

A few days later I was home alone.   I glanced out the front window and there was this homeless guy coming towards my house. 

I thought, “Oh great, now he knows where I live and he has come back and he knows I am here alone.  I felt fear.   I figured he had been living in the bushes in the front of my house watching for when I would be alone.   

Then I heard a knock at my door. 

 “Now what do I do”, Lord. 

Answer it”, He said.

Okay, but if he attacks me, it is in YOUR hands.

No reply from the Lord.

553486_415888875110718_1880467937_n  I opened the door to the homeless guy.  He stood way back because he knew I found him offensive.   I didn’t indicate anything to that nature, but he just knew.   He held in his hand a bottle of a name brand iced tea.

He reached out towards me with the bottle of tea, and with a gentle and grateful look on his face offered it to me.  I took it with a puzzled look on my face.  

He spoke sporadically, “Thank you for letting me come into your home.”   

He had brought me a gift of gratitude that I did not turn him away.  Who knows where he got the tea, but it was sealed and new.

I am crying right now as I share this story with you because of the compassion that flooded my heart at that moment and still does.   This man was a soul that Jesus loves.   He came to my house.  I let him in with a resentful heart.   He knew it, yet he reached out to me with his only understanding of love, which is to give something substantial.

I learned afterwards that he lived behind a dumpster about 5 miles from my house.  I knew he had to walk a long way to find his way back here.   Yet, he never expected me to do anything else for him.  He wasn’t begging or asking to come in.  Nor has he returned.
He was just grateful.

My husband feeds people on the street all the time.   He buys them food and shares the gospel.   This was my test.   I was made aware of parts of myself I am not proud of.  I guess it is normal for us to freak out when we are faced with people we don’t’ want to see, and it makes us get out of our comfort zones, doesn’t it?

But let’s remember that Jesus said, when we feed the poor, we feed Him.

“For I was hungry, and you didn’t feed me. I was thirsty, and you didn’t give me a drink. I was a stranger, and you didn’t invite me into your home. I was naked, and you didn’t give me clothing. I was sick and in prison, and you didn’t visit me. Then they will reply, ‘Lord, when did we ever see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and not help you? And he will answer, ‘I tell you the truth, when you refused to help the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help me.’  Matthew 25:42-45