What is Life Coaching?

Do you have a Desire to…

♥ Get “unstuck” in this season of your life? ♥  Explore the joys of finding your true passion in life? ♥  Find your unique gifts and talents? ♥ Find spiritual renewal? ♥ Create powerful goals that will direct you into your gifting? ♥ Get out of your own way and learn to manage your time? ♥ Grow in confidence and get fulfilling results? ♥ Have a supportive coach that will hold you accountable?

Personal life coaching involves connecting and encouraging you along your life’s journey to the fulfillment you were destined to walk in. Life coaching will guide you into clarity and fulfillment in your life by discovering what you were always meant to do through examining your life’s experiences, good and bad. Coaching will help you if you are blocked, stuck, or blinded by circumstances, yet are committed to moving forward responsibly.

We will be talking about limiting beliefs, taking ownership for actions, thoughts, and helping design a way to live that will fully express your passions and callings. I desire to see you attain a personal well being and balance in your life. As your purpose comes into focus I will prayerfully assist you, through discernment, into finding your unique potential and fulfillment in whatever circumstance you find yourself in. Realize the passions you possess are God’s clues to His unique purpose for you. Learn how to Live your calling!

I coach either by teleconference or in person and offer one complimentary consultation to get to know each other, to bond, and explore what you want to focus on in your sessions and what your unique and hidden passions are. If you desire to commit to a coaching plan, after the initial interview and getting acquainted, then we will begin your journey. As a Christian Life Purpose Coach ® certified by Life Purpose Coaching Centers, International®, I will be your objective purpose partner and encourager. Specializing in healing and moving forward in the following areas:

  • Letting go of the present and moving towards your destiny.

  • Adult victims of childhood sexual abuse

  • Spiritual Abuse

  • Retirement Pre-planning Communication

  • Pre-Marital Coaching

  • Marriage Coaching

  • Couple or Family Mediation in Communication

The journey in discovering your distinctive life purpose will involve focusing in on what your present needs are at this stage of your life. We will meet weekly for a series of 60 minute conversations, either by teleconference, or face-to-face-meetings, depending on what program you choose, and your location. Together we will discern the next steps for you along your pathway to purpose through this life-changing process. TODAY IS THE DAY TO BEGIN YOUR NEW JOURNEY TO THE REST OF YOUR LIFE OF PURPOSE!!!

For more information, please contact me at:

Dixie@reflectionsofgracehome.com OR by telephone at: 805-680-7644