The Miraculous Healing of a Doomed Marriage

relationship difficultiesIn this Episode on “From the Heart of Dixie”,  Jason and Cherie share how God miraculously healed their broken Marriage. You won’t be the same after watching this.
After we stopped filming Jason had something he wanted to add…. here is his statement – ” I wanted to say that prayer is powerful and to pray for your spouse. Even though at the time, no matter what anyone told me, I wouldn’t acknowledge that what I was doing was wrong and the enemy actually, had me believe what I was doing was right. I know for a fact that Cherie’s prayers were heard by God. Cherie’s faithfulness to God was key to our marriage being saved. Cherie did not give up on me and that was because of God’s strength and comfort. So just remember when we have given up on ourselves or given up on our spouses, God never gives up on us.” Jason –
Thank you both Cherie and Jason for sharing your amazing testimony.



4 thoughts on “The Miraculous Healing of a Doomed Marriage

  1. This is a perfect example of how having the right help in our brokenness miracles can and do happen. You allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you, moves right down the line as we come to you for help.
    Praying for your spouse was a lovely tip and something we are implementing in our own marriage. Thank you Dixie, Jason and Cherie for you openness on a difficult subject.
    I watched it once alone and once with my husband; as you stated I (we)was changed after watching it.
    It proves nothing is over until God says it’s over.

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  2. Jason & Cherie’s story is a beautiful example of God’s miracle working power. I had first hand opportunities to see the changes God wrought in Jason’s life! A powerful testimony that moves the heart!

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