Do You Hear His Voice?

I was busy watering my flowers and snipping dead heads off of them one evening totally oblivious to anything else around me.  As I was carrying  on a conversation in my head, listening to the birds chirping, and very much lost in thought,  suddenly I hear someone say out loud, “Uh huh” and I jumped.  Looking around to see who was joining in my head conversation, there was no one there.  I realized I had said it!!  Was this it, I wondered?  Am I starting to talk to myself now?  Yikes!!

Mulling over this little incident I realized that when I am talking to the Lord on my walks in the morning and throughout the day we, He and I, have a running conversation.  I seriously hear him answering me when I ask him questions about my life and whatever I am praying about.  If I am paying attention, that is.  Unlike that day suddenly hearing myself answer myself and being startled, when I talk to Jesus I am usually expecting an answer.   And He gives it.  Now, I don’t hear a voice audibly.  It seems like it though.  It is like a thought comes into my head that I positively know it did not come from me.  And it is so loving and kind in the way he approaches me that I know it is Him.  The first time this happened I was astounded, and excited, to say the least.  But I knew it was Him.  You just know.  I can’t explain it any other way.  He said in the scriptures that His sheep know His voice.  We talk all the time.  And I honestly feel the extreme trust and closeness that constantly keeps growing because of it.  If you read back into my archives at “A Sure Dwelling Place” you will see that my conversations with Him were journaled as Greg and I walked through one of the greatest trials of our lives.  Everything Jesus told me during that time not only came to pass but brought me great peace as well.

I remember one day driving out of town and I was not in a good place emotionally and was feeling a little abandoned by God.  Don’t we all have those days?  Occasionally, throughout my walk with God, I have learned to sing my thoughts to Him when it is hard to talk about them.  So, this particular day, I was singing in the car while picturing Him on the seat next to me.  I sang for about a half hour and was struck by the peace that seemed to fill the car.  Then, I opened my mouth to continue to sing, but it was different; my voice, but definitely His words.  I had been singing over and over, “Here I am Lord, do You hear me? I’m right here longing for your touch.”  He sang back to me, “I’m right here Dixie, I can see you.  You are my precious child and I love you.”   It was amazing and wonderful all at the same time.

He is available as much as we want Him.  The more time you give Him the more you will experience Him.  It is our choice.  He is a gentleman and won’t force you to spend time with Him but He is always there just waiting.   Even in those times you are waiting for answers, or need direction and are not hearing anything, He is still there and, even though He is not going to tell you all you want to know, He will encompass you with His presence and bring you His peace in the midst of chaos.

I am excited about this particular subject because I can’t imagine anyone not wanting more of God.  He doesn’t tell us to live and move and have our very being in Him and then make it hard for us to get there.   Don’t settle for anything less than what He makes possible to attain!!!!

For in Him we live and move and have our being…..Acts 17:28 Amp.

The sheep that are My own hear and are listening to My voice; and I know them, and they follow Me.  John 10:27 Amp.



2 thoughts on “Do You Hear His Voice?

  1. I know it sounds silly to say you heard God speaking, but isn’t that the whole point of praying? You talk then spend a few minutes waiting for God’s response. It’s the same as when you are having a conversation with a person. You used an AMP version for the Bible verse, John 10:27, which is totally different from the KJV: “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” Once you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, you are His sheep, and become part of God’s family.


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