Four Keys to Intimacy With Jesus

Though we have the promise that “My sheep hear My voice,” too many believers are starved for that intimate relationship that alone can satisfy the desire of their hearts. I have many who have read my blogs ask me how I can be so sure what I am hearing is really Him. Do I just make it up in my head? I get the looks. You know the ones with a small smirk because they really think you are crazy because no one can talk to God. When you are ready to really press in and exercise your faith I can assure you that when you know you hear him there is no one who can convince you it is not his voice you hear.
This kind of intimacy with Jesus is the key to all that you struggle with in your life. When you know you hear His voice you never feel alone again. The awareness that his presence is always there gives you confidence that he is in control even at the most terrifying times.

Key 1 … God’s voice in your heart often sounds like a flow of spontaneous thoughts that you come to realize is not coming from you.
It is just like a real conversation because it is. I imagine him seated next to me at the table where I study and talk to Him as if we are having coffee (which I usually am). It was at one of these times He told me to write a book, told me what title to give it, and who to talk to when it was completed. More on that in a later writing.

• Key 2 … Be still in your mind so you can sense God’s flow of thoughts and emotions within.    I had to learn how to bring all my thoughts captive and throw them off. We are always at war with an enemy who wants nothing more than to cloud our communication with his destructive suggestions and “What will people think?” “You are deceiving yourself.” “You are just really losing it, Dixie.” And “What makes you think God Himself will talk to you.” And it goes on and on as long as I am receptive to his injections of doubt and fear and agree with him. Remember, satan can’t read our minds. He can only introduce his voice as if it is God’s. Don’t agree with him…you can judge it by the word and how you feel when he speaks. Jesus only brings peace.
• Key 3 … As you talk to Him, fix the eyes of your new heart upon Jesus, seeing in the Spirit the dreams and visions of Almighty God. He gave us an imagination to use to exercise our faith.
This is exciting. Step out there in the spirit. Believe in His supernatural power working in and through you. Use your imagination and see Him sitting there smiling at you, chuckling in delight with your personality. He will show you things to come and give you visions and words. Did you know He has a great personality? We laugh and cry together. I sing to him and he sings to me.

• Key 4 … Journaling… the writing out of your prayers and God’s answers, brings great freedom in hearing God’s voice.  It is a two way conversation on paper. I have found it to be a fabulous catalyst for clearly discerning God’s inner, spontaneous flow, because as I journal I am able to write in faith for long periods of time, simply believing it is God. Doubt blocks divine communication. When you are familiar with His word and His spirit within you, you know when the voice your hearing is not His. With journaling, I can receive in faith, knowing that when the flow has ended I can test and examine it carefully, making sure that it lines up with Scripture. My belief is that when you blindly step out in faith He will NEVER let you down. Jesus smiles and is delighted you are venturing outside your reasoning. Isn’t that what faith is?
You will be amazed when you journal. Doubt may hinder you at first, but throw it off, reminding yourself that it is a biblical concept, and that God is present, speaking to you, His child. Relax. When we cease our labors and enter His rest, God is free to flow (Heb. 4:10). Sit back comfortably, take out your pen and paper, smile, and turn your attention toward the Lord in adoration, seeking His face. I just write out my heart to Him…I talk to Him on paper, fixing my gaze on Jesus. I even tell Him about my poor attitudes, my doubts, and my frustrations. When I am through with my prayer, almost immediately I begin to write again as His voice speaks to my spirit. I entitle it “Jesus says:” It sometimes goes faster than I can write but I simply write it down. Later, as I read my journaling I am always blessed to discover that I am indeed dialoguing with God. And the best part? When I go back and read what He said weeks or months later I have yet to find a time where everything He says doesn’t come to pass.
Just step out there and do it!! Don’t be afraid you are making it up. That is what faith is. You will fall in total love with this wonderful, exciting, personable, smiling, and full of love Jesus.

11 thoughts on “Four Keys to Intimacy With Jesus

  1. Dixie, Thanks for sharing. It is wonderful to be still with our Lord; for in quietness we find strength. Early in the morning I wake up with a hunger and thirst for God. I begin my day listening, reading Scriptures and praying….journaling is a great expressive exercise as well. Truly I experience a change of heart, renewal of thoughts, healing and receive power through intimacy with Jesus. Thank you for sharing it is wonderful to hear God speak and to savor moments in His presence every day.


  2. Truly, whatever would we do without His presence in our lives, Carol? God desired to walk and talk with Adam and Eve and He is unchangeable…..and now through Jesus that intimacy has been restored unto us!!! ♥♥


  3. It’s truely amazing how simple it really is to have a full and wonderful relationship with our blessed saviour. Your post is a reminder to share this truth more often.


  4. I have so many more people to share this with now Dixie. I love these keys. I learned something new as well and that is when you said that Satan can’t read our minds. I always thought he could and that is how he knows our insecurities and how to use them against us. How then does Satan always know just where to atttack me? Beautiful job as always my dear friend.


    • Thanks Linda!! Our enemy introduces the thoughts only because he knows our weaknesses from past issues and he has no new tricks so keeps trying the same ones…but he is not omniscient. Only God is. When he comes at you with low self esteem, for example, if you agree with the thought and begin to speak it, then he has succeeded…but if you speak out the opposite and refuse to agree with the thought, you begin to see yourself the way God sees you………


  5. What a wonderful and special post, Dixie! The problem today with most people thinking they cannot hear from God is that they are too busy. They don’t sit still and wait for Him. Thank you for sharing this!


  6. Dixie, and everyone else (for their ideas and additions), great post! I, too, have learned, probably the hard way, that if I don’t put Jesus first, he usually won’t put me “first”. I don’t mean “first”. I mean, “first” in relative terms. Like Carol, I have found that I need to spend time, either first thing when I get up, or shortly thereafter with the Lord, IN his Word. I usually use “concerns” or issues that surround me. If I’m struggling with a “sin” or perhaps an “obsession”, I go to the scriptures that address those issues and study them. I listen to music and I do have a favorite “inspirational” TV program that I make sure that I wake up to each day. I find that my day will go SO much better when I’m “tuned” in to my relationship with Jesus.
    It’s funny (in a sense), that I used to LAUGH at those who spoke about a “personal relationship with Jesus Christ”. l thought ..”What is that?”. Well, I suppose I was jealous of their peace, their sense of love, mercy and grace. I now KNOW that relationship and it grows stronger every single day. My life has changed in INFINITE ways. I have changed and continue to change for the better.
    Thank you for this inspirational post.


  7. Thanks for sharing what works for you Maureen!! Don’t you just love the diversity of Jesus and the fact that He works with each of us within our unique personalities? Thank you for your input!! Oh, and you’re right, many are jealous of our walk; if only they knew how He longs to meet with them too! Blessings!!


    • So very true on that last point, Dixie. The difficult thing is trying not to “push” the issue with others. When you have a “feeling” they are interested in knowing more, it’s a fine line between drawing them in and pushing them away. But I think we have to pray about that as well. Once I get started in my time with God, I feel that I don’t want it to end. It’s so important and so amazing and there’s so much growth needed in me and so many others that need our prayers as well.
      Thanks for responding and have an amazing day! Blessings to you as well!


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